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  1. This is a small video series with some tips and suggestions about Horde Nights.
  2. It's not a big deal! You may even remove "Journal Chapter Entries" quest now and continue to play. You just didn't get 250 XP. Also, there is an illegal method: press F1, type in console "giveself resourceChaptersRH 1 1 true", then press Enter. I have a guide on my youtube channel. Maybe it could help you.
  3. Hi, dude! The easiest way to get a water filtration units chematic: First of all you need to finish all starting quests. Next start "Creating a Journal" and "Gathering Information" quests. After you hang up the map, you'll receive 4 Journal Chapters, Carboard Box scheme and something else. Next, start "Advanced Survival Chapter". After you'll craft a survival campfire and take a knowledgepoint, you'll get a water filtration unit schematic. For knowledgepoint you can scrap Carboard Box scheme, because it's useless. What do you mean?
  4. Here is the same. You can break it with any tool and get it into your inventory.
  5. Hello everyone! Now I am planning to make short video series about how to survive in Ravenhearst mod at absolutely extremely settings (INSANE, NIGHTMARE and with only One life). So if you like it please welcome! Here is My YouTube Channel:
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