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  1. Once again, Tesla cards are compute only. So if you want to get your Blender models render faster, they can do that (as Blender uses CUDA to access them). Or if you have other compute tasks as pointed out here https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/12-things-tesla-accelerated-computing-platform/ That is also why your K80 is in the driver inf files... CUDA uses the driver to access the hardware. But I would be most astonished if that driver lets you use a Tesla for Direct3D or OpenGL rendering. Unless you hack it, of course - not sure if the Pro drivers have the same protecti
  2. Many people have tried to get the now quite cheap Tesla K series cards to run 3d - I haven't heard of anybody succeeding. The closest to success was somebody doing some reflow soldering to change one resistor to make a K10 (compute only) into an otherwise identical Grid K2 (may actually do 3d, albeit only for virtualisation workloads) and then managed to get it to run in some ancient version of Citrix Xenserver (before NVidia and Citrix started to charge extra for that kind of GPU virtualisation) - and that would have meant running Win7 guests... Unfortunately the K80 has no identical Gri
  3. Hi, if you want the easy way to plug it in and start windows, the answer is no - NVidia provides no drivers to run this as a GPU - only compute workloads. As for performance, the GK210 is basically double the GK110B of the original Titan Z or 780 Ti - just with more memory (24GB vs 6GB or 3GB and a bit higher boost clock). Even with only one of the two GPUs used it would run circles around the GF100 in your Quadro 4000 - if you had a driver to run 3D workloads on it. push2drop
  4. Hi, the "correct" way to do this would be to run it on a server OS with hypervisor and then assign the two GPUs on the K80 to a number of VMs. See the following link for hints... Whether that will work for gaming remains to be seen... and of course you would only game via a VM console viewer program... https://arrayfire.com/using-gpus-kvm-virutal-machines/ Another way would be to use a hacked gpu bios and/or driver to get make the card work for the 3d stuff and route the output through the on-chip gpu of your i5 or i7... like in that LTT video... but that pr
  5. Hi, the aim of a good drop base is not to kill them by fall damage but to get a lot of Z's packed close so they're easier to explode with a few unlit pipe bombs followed by a sth to ignite the whole bunch (depending on depth either a lit pipe bomb or contact grenade or RPG for deeper holes). push2drop
  6. Hi, thanks for the writeup - while my Ryzen 1700 and RAM have already received a conservative overclock and the performance is usually fine, I'll try some of your measures and hope this helps with the occasional massive FPS drops from close to 60 to below 10... seems to be related to lots of torches, candles, fires etc... but not always, only after some time in game. For now I just reset graphics to lowest for a few minutes and then up again which fixes it... push2drop
  7. Until a year ago I played in FHD with a 1060 6GB - no problems. Then I got an UWQHD monitor and things got a bit choppy, so I got a used 1080 which does the trick. Luckily before the current craze started,,,
  8. Well, first of all, the amount of Linux malware is rather, erm, limited and also it is quite easy to make sure that the Linux from the stick does not mount the filesystems on the internal disks by itself or under the non-privileged account steam runs under (unlike on Win, steam on linux runs as a non-privileged user only and does not need administrative rights or granular capabilities for installing and executing games). In general HFS+ (the filesystem macs run on) support on linux is a bit experimental, so by default HFS+ parttitions are going to be mounted read-only and getting
  9. Hi, budget gaming laptop - choose any two... ok, in the current time of component scarcity, all options containing budget are out... If the mac in question can still boot from a USB drive (and of course is still intel based - but that's a given it has been running 7d2d until lately), one could try to get a real fast one (SSD with either USB3 or Thunderbolt interface if that's still a thing on mac) and install Ubuntu with UEFI Boot partition on it (like this https://saytosid.github.io/ubuntuUSB/) You can then install steam on Ubuntu and 7d2d with the usual P
  10. Hi, in general yes, but it doesn't work too well here... the pusher stands too far to the left so it rarely manages to push a Z down... and of course the fact that it's all open above doesn't help with the vultures... I was standing in a 1 wide 2 high all concrete elevated corridor (leading to our everyday base) except the floor consisted of iron hatches opening up and cover towards me with the first one open and me right behind that. So any Z actually getting that close would fall through the hatch to the ground level for another round. Should the front hatch be destro
  11. Hi, not really - we set off a few on purpose while testing... the timer was long enough for them to fall down... push2drop
  12. Hi, our most cheesy contraption so far was a covered walkway (1 wide 2 high) for Zs ending in a few iron hatches in a row - if one gets destroyed by Zs before they drop through, just go back one block and open the next. This lets them come to you in a nice daisy chain and allows you to either shoot or use close combat weapons. Since that was not cheesy enough, we added a 4 by 4 hole down to bedrock on one side and two pusher turrets on the other side... and a shaft halfway down or so, so somebody could lob in a few pipe bombs when things got too crowded down there...
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