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  1. @push2drop Sorry, little mistake by me, I wrote the wrong version number. it's 377.83. https://www.nvidia.de/download/driverResults.aspx/130247/de The K80 is not listed there, but it's in the INF and also in the ListDevices.txt, so both cards can use the same driver. Rarly Nvidia even brings out driver packages which combine game drivers with workstation drivers. Then the Nvidia control panel even shows the options for both cards! And I definitely know that such a setup works, with drivers/output and all, because I did that 2 or 3 years ago with a 9800 GTX and three! Tesla C1060. (Just looked it up in my old backups. It was driver version 341.44.) EDIT: I thought about your idea to let it render on the K80 and only output on the Quadro 4000. And I watched your YT link above and read up some more about that. I think I will try out to trick the Nvidia driver to do that. Just out of pure cuiosity @Fox Because the developers could know if Unity and 7DTD are prgrammed in a way, that it could do different rendering threads on diffeent GPUs through DirectX or OpenGL. If they don't know, they could answer "We don't know, we never tested two GPUs" and I would be happy with that answer. I know it's not the best setup, but like I said there is not really a choice, because of the current GPU prices. And I'm not asking for games in general for this setup. I'm only asking for 7DTD, because this second PC only exists for 7DTD
  2. @Fox Like I stated in my first post, this question was directed to the developers. Even if it takes some time or I don't get an answer at all. I didn't expect the gamers to have an answer to that.
  3. @push2drop That's not true. The last driver version for the Quadro 4000, namely 378.78, does also support the K80. And since both have DirectX/OpenGL support and 7DTD also can use them, in theory the drivers and graphics output shouldn't be a problem. So my question still stands if 7DTD would benefit from it. If Unity and the 7DTD programming could do it. @Canute I also thought about just testing it. The problem is that the current PSU is not enough. I would have to rig up another PSU, which i also have lying around, just for the K80 and I would like to know if it's worth the effort beforehand. Even an old 780 Ti costs over 200 Euro at the moment, which I'm not willing to pay. (Crazy Bitcoin miners are to blame.) EDIT: looked up and corrected the price for 780 Ti.
  4. @SylenThunder The question is about non-SLI. @push2drop Thank you, but that doesn't really answer my question. I already have the Quadro 4000 with video connectors as the first GPU.
  5. @Roland Thank you very much. Didn't know that. I didn't know where else to put this question. It's not really a support ticket and also there is no technical subforum.
  6. It seems you didn't read my thread title correctly. It's about non-SLI and about what DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan and 7DTD's programming can do or not.
  7. This is a very technical question. I hope a developer can answer. I sometimes play at a friends place and his second PC only has a NVIDIA Quadro 4000 GPU. I get around 15-20 fps, which is playable, but not perfect. I know this is not the best GPU for this, even worse than minimum requirements, but the GPU prices are insane at the moment, so I have to come up with another solution. So: I have a NVIDIA Tesla K80 lying around, which is just an accelerator without video output connectors. Would 7DTD benefit from this second GPU? Doesn't even matter to me if I have to switch to OpenGL or Vulkan. EDIT: forgot to mention: newest Windows 10, an unknown 6-Core AMD CPU, 16 GB RAM.
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