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  1. also, wetness does not work like other alphas. It get ignored
  2. Since 19.0 (and not 19.1) it never rain on dedicated server. But if I go single player world, It does rain.
  3. Hello. How can I install the BBB commands? there's no tutorial about that...
  4. The OP says: "(DOWNLOAD) Build for 16b138 STABLE", so I was trying that version already in my PC (leading to crash). I download the latest link inside that download link (for 16.2), and now it works. The OP is misleading.
  5. Nope, windows. yes, I'm using the latest version. It stop at "loading UI" indefinitely. Tried single player.
  6. I tried reinstalling, it does not work on 16.2.
  7. Any good seed using this mod? with a close lake
  8. Why did you remove the big towns?
  9. You should post the game LOGS to see the problem
  10. Please, communicate to the DEVS this problems, so they can take a look!
  11. Question: Is the house generation involved on the same configuration as the terrain? since the next 13.6 with modify a lot the world generation, does it mean that you have to modify a LOT in this mod? or it's just a copy paste on the new files?
  12. this kind of missing textures will be fixed for the next update?
  13. Did this mod change anything about world terrain generation? except for the houses of course. I'm talking about how mountains are created for example. Because since I'm using this mod I'm getting some horrible generated terrain near roads or horrible rectangular cliffs. Maybe it's just coincidence.
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