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  1. What kind of loot containers are in the huge Pop-n-pills in Diersville? I've looted small Pop-n-pills POI's before (alpha 15/16) but I don't really remember what they contained. If it's mainly medical supplies, I'm not interested in going there.
  2. It's a damn shame really... it's almost like you get punished for taking the journey and the risks to get to loot the POI's, just for the loot to be good as the reinforced chests you find in an average house in Diersville. Stupid system.
  3. I'm on day 23 (Navezgane) and I went a long way to get to Gravestown with my minibike. There is a water works, cinema, hotel(???), and that seems to be all that's there apart from all the destroyed buildings on the outskirts. I checked the cinema but night came and I didn't have time to loot it. I went through about half of the hotel but it's just a bunch of cabinets, nightstands, fridges, sinks etc. Haven't checked the water works yet. I'm really disappointed so far because going there took so long and I have found nothing good yet. I thought Gravestown was the most dangerous, but contained the best loot out of all the cities/towns. I'm looking for brass, steel tools/weapon schematics mainly but I need to sell @%$# to the trader too. Is the water works worth looting? Is the cinema worth looting? Should I continue looting the hotel?
  4. I've only played singleplayer in my 312 hours of 7d2d. I've played co-op with friends twice but they grew out of the game. I'm just really curious on what the multiplayer experience is compared to the singleplayer experience. I've tried playing on one server but I spawned in some random POI and there were radiated feral wights everywhere... which put me off and I haven't tried MP since (it was also laggy). How do players act? Do people form teams and work together? Is it just singleplayer but with a social aspect? Is PVP any good? etc.
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