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  1. So you'd be happy with waiting.... 1 year for a 9" black and white TV with no sound and only 1 channel 2 years for a 13" B&W TV with sound, but the sound is just elevator music 3 years for a 19" color TV with actual sound, still only 1 channel though 4 years for a 27" color TV with sound and 10 channels 5 years for a 42" LED TV with sound and 99 channels 6 years They remove 43 channels and replace the sound with monkeys banging on trash cans because the CEO likes that kind stuff better. 7 years The TV is
  2. Right there where it says what each pledge level will receive. Pledge US$ 35 or more THE SUNRISE SURVIVALIST - Early Alpha Access + Beta + Finished Game + Kickstarter Backer Badge Estimated delivery Aug 2013
  3. My analogy is spot on. The kickstarter goals have NOT been delivered. It's why thousands of people have demanded refunds. Your analogy is not applicable at all because the final promised product has not yet been delivered. If they released Gold tomorrow and it contained all the kickstarter promised features, but it was slightly different than what we expected, then yes, your analogy would be appropriate. But as it stands now, your analogy is not based in truth and reality, whereas mine is. And I mean no disrespect when referring to Joel as a house flipper. I mention that as a sign
  4. Imagine Bowie selling millions of pre-ordered copies of his first album, one year before the album's actual release. The millions of investors were promised a full album with lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synths, organs, pianos, backing vocals, harmonies, and a full album of 20 songs, all of which tell a cohesive themed story. In one year's time the album would be considered "Gold" status, or a completed product released in full. Then, a year later, he releases the album but it's just a recording of him literally reading partial lyrics to 5 songs. No instruments
  5. Can you imagine if Bowie sold millions of copies of his first album and then just handed fans an unfinished product that a lot of people and critics deemed as terrible, and then promised that he'd replace that album for free in a year's time with a spectacular finished album? And then 8 years later he still failed to deliver? Do you really want to compare the genius of Bowie to a house flipper turned independent game dev?
  6. Spoken like a kid who dreams of owning their own company one day. Successful companies focus on pleasing their customers, not their CEO.
  7. Dell G7 17-7700 i9-10885H RTX 2070 Super 32GB 2933mhz RAM 17.3" 300hz display 1TB ssd Windows 10 $1542.60 +tax Sorry, I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer. :D
  8. Diminishing returns. Even running super demanding benchmarks it doesn't really get hotter than that. Just having 8 active cores generates a good amount of heat, no matter if they're at 40% or 100%. But there are lots of redundant protections in place that would throttle it back if temps get too hot. EDIT: Also, another factor is that during that 41% utilization, the Core0 main core may have very well been at 100%. I forgot about that, sometimes the main core takes a higher load than the others and reaching 100% on one core may have been the cause of that brief 88C max temp.
  9. I did some more testing today. Everything the same as my OP, but this time I just went with Ultra Preset for all graphics, and disabled all the bottom right extra settings like Bloom, SSAO, Motion blur, etc... This time around I got the following results... FPS (Min/Avg/Max): 60/80/100+ CPU Utilization % (Min/Avg/Max): 20/35/41 RAM Utilization % (Min/Avg/Max): Avg of about 12-14gb or 37%-44% GPU Utilization % (Min/Avg/Max): 2/30/100 CPU Temperature in Celsius (Min/Avg/Max): 34/72/88 GPU Temperature in Celsius (Min/Avg/Max): 34/68/78
  10. Depends on your budget and your performance expectations. Be as specific as possible so we can help you more. Something like "My budget is $2000 but I'd really like to stay under $1500 if at all possible. I'll be playing Game1, Game2, and Game3, and I'd like to be able to play those on High or Ultra settings with 60+ FPS. I'd also like to be able to play AAA titles on high/ultra settings for the next X years. I prefer 17" models but a 15" would be ok. I really want a display that is at least 144hz, and at least have 16gb ram and 512gb ssd." Just change these wishes to your own goal
  11. Apprently it's a problem with Unity, but is just a superficial error that does not effect the values. https://answers.unity.com/questions/242334/invalid-floats-in-playerprefs.html https://forum.unity.com/threads/closed-playerprefs-bug-on-windows.377763/
  12. It's really not though, at least not as well as I hoped it would. No bragging here. I'll go ahead and update my performance benchmarks with rough estimates for now to show you what I'm talking about, but will do some precise testing tomorrow when I get more time.
  13. But wouldn't "normal" be having all valid 64 bit values or DWORDs since my machine is 64 bit and the game is 64 bit?
  14. I haven't really tested this yet so I'll update with more accurate info later. Please post your PC/Laptop specs including CPU, GPU, RAM, Refresh rate of your monitor, SSD/HDD, as well as any other pertinent info like overclocking specs, undervolting specs, throttlestop settings, if you have liquid cooling, laptop cooling pad, or whatever else you'd like to share. Then post what graphics settings you use in the game. Then post min/avg/max FPS you get while playing. Bonus points for CPU/GPU/RAM utilization and what temps your CPU and GPU are seeing. I think sharing our performance benchmarks wou
  15. So I was trying to find an easy way to copy/paste all the graphics settings I use and found in the files that these settings were stored in the Registry of my PC, so I went there and found this... Are all those invalid DWORDs a problem that needs to be fixed for 64 bit OS's? Is there a 64 bit version I can install for better performance? I saw no 32/64bit options when installing from Steam.
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