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  1. so funny, since she was complaining about it , we "cheated" on in... walked into a shotgun mossiah factory, and the 1st thing we killed had one... Thank you for responding, we love your work! though, we noticed a few of the "animals" don't seem to be implemented yet? (don't know if that's right) like the duck?
  2. so, it's loot able / we can craft it agian?!
  3. My wife has loved playing around with the farming mod, has come across an issue though. The Tool and Die Set has been removed as of a18. So we've had to cheat a few things in, that are gated behind it.
  4. Following the HD upgrade path, I woudl like to start with an HD scrap iron tool, and upgrade it, is the only way to upgrade them, by "making better ones"? or is there a way to upgrade the tools, like you would the blocks?
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