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  1. Would like to see some way to catch rabbits or Chickens with the ability to raise them. Chickens can provide feathers and eggs and rabbits could be bred as a food source or even fertilizer ( poop). I think taking the 2 smaller animals vs the bigger ones wouldn't over power the balance of the game, just adds maybe a new skill tree or ability to at least have a steady supply of meat and eggs.
  2. I agree, I love vanilla Game play and after playing Modded that is the hardest thing about returning... A bigger backpack or ability to craft a bigger backpack, whether it is a blueprint or skill learnt in pack mule... would be amazing!
  3. I don't feel betrayed, nor do I stream only 7 days to die. I was simply suggesting maybe allowing some smaller streamers to participate would be a wise thing to do also. I get its a business, not knocking it. Nor do I mind waiting the few days for it to go live to the public, it was simply a suggestion that a lot of the community share. Wasn't bashing the business plan or the streamers, as I said I am friends with a lot of them, however I was just pointing out there are A LOT of streamers who have just as compelling personalities and attract the same audiences. At the end of the day I am going to play the game no matter when I get access to it. Was just throwing my opinion out there like everybody else.
  4. Very Happy that A19 is so close however I do believe the requirements should be looked at a little closer. If you look at Twitch metrics the TOP 20 -7 days to Die streamers, MOST of them are not partners nor have 5k follows. They loyally stream the game day in and day out and should also get access as well. I am friends with plenty of partners who are on this list, however I do not want to piggy back A19 content off their channels when I have built a community and following on my own. HALF the streamers on your list don't even stream 7 days to die anymore, yet they get access? AGAIN not bashing just saying that maybe the 5k is a bit much. Maybe look at the MOST WATCHED channels that stream your game and let some of those smaller streamers have access.
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