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  1. ETA for A18.3? also which capn crunch map is best for 2 player survival.
  2. Horde night 21 and 3000+ bullets is not enough.
  3. ah I do have 200% EXP just because of how slow it is to lvl, even at lvl 40, with 80% of my perks into strength and intellect i haven't maxed anything yet. Honestly the only thing i don't like is how they changed the levelling from getting exp from using new stuff and actually levelling skills by using them. Really miss that. Edit: I am playing with a friend as well, and have been on warrior difficulty since the start.
  4. Hi Y'all, I've got some trouble surviving horde night. I have no idea what base building techniques and traps are effective anymore. So it'd be great if y'all could give me some pointers! Zombies just seem to tear through any building like it's butter. I'm only on day 14 and demo zombies have already just nuked my whole base on horde night. I understand im supposed to have multiple walls, but Concrete requires a ♥♥♥♥-load of stone that i just done have either. So any tips & tricks on surviving horde night without abandoning my base and motorcycling away would be great help.
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