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  1. Inverse Doors - A18.2 - DMT Requires DMT Please use Github to log any issues Download Adds variants of each powered door where the power state is inverted For example, by default the drawbridge is down when powered. The inverted variant is up when powered Inverted doors added: - Reinforced Drawbridge - Vault Door 03 - Vault Hatch v3 - Steel Garage Door 3x2 - Steel Garage Door 5x3 Recipes for each are equivalent to the normal variants The Powered Doors and Bridges Schematic will unlock all inverse variants Level 4 - Inventor of the Advanced Engineering perk will unlock all inverse variants Power On Power Off
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    Solved: Harmony doesn't seem able to patch static methods. Besides, my requirement meant checking the instance type, which isn't possible in a static method. I solved this by patching a different, non-static method to achieve what I wanted to do Is there something special I need to do to patch static methods? Take this example Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
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