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  1. plots are what I voted for, but maybe using a hoe to increase yield (with fertilizer) would be a nice halfway (and allowing us ways to make plots 2 or more ways....say, replacing the rotten flesh with another 100 clay soil and 25 charcoal? just an example) I mean, if we can melt snow for murky water, or run to a water source, it stands to reason there should be multiple paths to the same end in other aspects of the game (loot vs craft, canned vs fresh food etc.)
  2. the yellow marker is a sleeping enemy, it'll turn red when it "wakes" even if it doesn't know where you are (in my experience at least that what it is) I have never seen a sleeper in sleep state as a red dot, just yellow...maybe a bug, maybe not
  3. Motorcycle for speed and everyday usage, 4X4 for when you wanna wrench whole buildings to the ground for supplies or for moving base locations....4X4's boxy design gets caught on EVERY small incline in the terrain, and I also think the motorcycle might (can't prove myself) be more fuel efficient
  4. the timer resetting is the last tumbler which you failed to actually finish falling back into place, that last tumbler doesn't just stay in place while you grab another pick, it has to be re lifted into place it's realistic
  5. Big fan of mods that add more exciting/difficult combat, im working on a personal "Ruinous Wounds" mod, makes me more vulnerable as I take damage, another favorite is mods that add stuff like zombies always do 200% more damage to player, headshot mods that make body shots do next to nothing while buffing headshots to do way more.
  6. ^this guy is 100% correct, you have the option to make water from dirty water from the very moment you spawn into the game (have the recipe) so once you have a cooking pot and a campfire you can make clean water
  7. With the AK perked up, its dps could possibly outrank the HR/MR even with max penetrator, just depends on circumstances (lined up vs spread out, long distance vs close) Kage loves the AK/M60, I like the HR, to each their own but the HR is still better than the AK XD
  8. Man Kage, I knew you didn't like the HR but dang XD DPS isn't everything unless its an "Oh S***" moment to me at least, mostly I use whatever suits the moment, and if I got it. (HR for distance and lined up zombies, AK/m60 for piles but not lined up/POI and I fell through the floor into a trap, silenced pistol for night runs if feathers are slow going....fists for anything else)
  9. bad? it does more damage than the marksman! and way better than any pistol or AK per round, it only suffers in round per minute (which is quite normal for rifles with single round mags)
  10. corridor with a rifle/AK so far, trying a melee base next (room in the center with openings all around and a "clear" path to me if they want to run ALL the way around a large-ish track to get to the "open" door) Melee with a decent junk turret with extended mag is easy on wandering hordes so far, but horde night is 2 days away on this brawler character, so idk how thats going to go (keeping a fully loaded AK close just in case...and a ladder to my horde-base roof)
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