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    Origin UI MOD

    Thanks for the fast update. Played a few hours, works great, as usual :-)
  2. Just tested the Compo-Pack with A16.2 for a few hours. Found a city, new POIs are there. No problems so far. Thanks for the great work!
  3. Apocalypticus

    Origin UI MOD

    Just wanted to thank you. Exactly what I need and NOT more :-)
  4. In the video he increased it to 2500. And so did I.
  5. Does anybody managed it to integrate Slaanhattan into CompoPack and has a rwgmixer.xml for download? I watched the video but this is far too complicated for me. Edit: Ok, finally got it, but it doesn't work. At 0/0 there is just the normal City Hub. Even if I use the rwgmixer from Slaan (CompoPack removed) there is nothing at 0/0, no City. I copied the Prefabs and the mixer to the correct folders. Did I miss something? Edit 2: I removed the game and deleted the folder. After reinstalling it works with the files from Slaan. Then I copied the Prefabs and rwgmixer from CompoPack and modified the mixer as shown in the Youtube Video. At 0/0 there is a normal CityHub again.
  6. Regarding changes in update 13.3: (as far as I can see) - rwgmixer.xml is a new version - army_camp_01_burnt / grass / snow changed into army_camp_01 / 02 / 03 (6 files total, old ones are deleted) I want to use my Savegame from 13.2. So I wonder if I should go back to A13.2 or replace the rwgmixer und use the 13.2 Prefab folder. Edit: Just saw that there is no option in the Betas tab for going back to any 13.x version.
  7. Wow! All my dreams come true ;-) Thank you for the great work, Magoli!
  8. First off: Great work, thank you! I don't know if the bugs are related to the pack, but I hope it helps you. Some things I found: The way to a small town is cut: A strange road: Two buildings next to each other in a town. One wall is missing: An empty space in town. It looks like a spawn point for POI which doesn't work:
  9. Thanks for the great work. Finally I saw some new PreFabs while testing. Sadly, the world is still empty. Something's still wrong with the number of spawning.
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