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  1. I got blurry textures on concrete bags cobblestone and chicken nests or wooden doors everytime i instal the mod any ideas?can't change the texture size it is on full
  2. How about new guns?Only m-60?or something else?i think m60 will make horde nights even easier in my opinion it should require to lay down to shoot properly
  3. Will we get new guns beside M-60? like i don't know maybe SVD SKS mosin AR-15/M4?maybe 5.56 caliber like marksman rifle and hunting rifle dont work for me
  4. Hey my friends my english is not perfect but i hope you will understand me...So when i was playing 7dtd lately on random gem like a maniac i really really really like challanges..so i put difficulty survalist + 64 horde cuz horde night should be a challange but eh it is too easy?I had a iron club that is my best friend bow and a pistol i did it so many times lately like 10 times or more like everytime i was like it is too easy i started once again from 0 i end up with like 6-7 saves with characters close to level 80 bullets are realy easy to get most of the time before a 7day horde i had like 700 pistol bullets 200 shotgun close to 500 7.62 or what ever calliber it is.. most of the time i was making simple base some metal spikes cemetic paste that i got with shovel from farms...like if u know the game it is so easy everything is much easier..i hate to be limited by the level to do something likeso i really like the idea u guys came out schematic+ parts of lets say a truck and u can do it nice m60 and ghily?you read in my mind but how about marksman rifle and hunting rifle if i see 2 of those i scrap them 99% of the time i dont know when i m holding ak in my hand im like BRO lets shoot some zombies when im holding marskman rifle im like bro scrap me for that 5 bullets..and some mechanic parts maybe u guys could think of some other variants of those guns like svd dragunovs sks?also if we talking about guns i would love to see beatifull wooden oak rifle butt to ak or how ever u call it i would also like to see some new pois like air port harbor planes ships empty destroyed tanks? heli crashes that spawns around the world like in dayz that gives diffrent type of loot depens of what kind of heli it was USA/Russia maybe some Ar-15 m4? 5.56? caliber i would love to see winchester M1866 forhunting rifle i would for example put a mosin nagant and a usa variant of similar gun you know what i mean some STG 44?some m1 carabinelike we got so many beatifull pois that are so good to loot and always lots of fun but we got still that same guns i would like to see more variants of military camps like lets say a USA variant and Russian variant maybe u guys could add radation to the game so hazmat suit/parts would make seanse to use and for exaple vodka like in STALKER to remove radation level we got Sedans in the game but we can't use them makes me sad same about school bus i hope u will add some modifications to vehicles spike on wheels flametrower maybe idk lol maybe a torist zombie with machinegun that u need to take from faraway oh also if u are changing bullets in SMG in 7dtd u can notice it is missing some kind of barrel or silencer at front of it but on hotbar u can see it got that silencer i hope u will also add maybe guns at the back of military zombies or random guns laying around in military bases gun locks etc maybe the ak that u craft with your own hands should look a little bit diffrent then the one i can find in wild life?or less durability maybe it should require some cleaning from time to time otherwise it would get stuck and required extra reload to shoot again i would love to see some life in water and a fishing rod would be amazing...maybe u guys can do something with randomgen like half of the city is in forest biome some in burnforest and middle in snow i dont like it makes me wanna look for better place... sorry for that kind of spam but i was just going wiht my flow Great game!keep up the good work
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