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  1. Alright, I got everything working, so far, a little wonky but no crashes, thank you @Gouki
  2. It's a shot in the dark but I'll take anything. Let me make changes and update you.
  3. No, no, no, no ,no, no, no..... For the final time, the only error that matters here is "ArgumentException: Requested value 'KickDegreesVertical' was not found.", this caused the ENTIRE FILE "items.xml" to be ignored. Not just the "items.xml" that I've added, but all "items.xml" files from ALL mods, including the default "items.xml" in "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config", because that is just the way the system is designed, rather than ignoring one item's error and attempting to utilize the rest of the file, it throws the file aside and only loads all other files, until it reaches codes that rely on anything inside "items.xml" such as: "Salt Shaker" from the Farm Mod, "BeefCake" from the Farm Mod, and "medicalSnowberryExtract" from my mod, and has to throw files such as: "traders.xml" and "recipes.xml" aside also because they rely on codes within the now gone "items.xml". "Salt Shaker" and "BeefCake" are items in another mod, which every other mod was working PERFECTLY until I added my old one and attempted to update it. This attempt is what has caused ANY errors you see. This is the BEST way I know as to explain the situation, and I hope you understood that. Whatever is causing the "KickDegreesVertical" issue inside my mod's "items.xml" is where the MAIN issue is occuring, once that is fixed, you won't see "SaltShaker" or "BeefCake" or "medicalSnowberryExtract" mentioned again, unless something else in my mod goes awry again. For a quick example, if I were to remove JUST my mod and load the game, no errors would come up at all, but there are at least 10 other mods in the Mods folder, all of which are functioning fine.
  4. If you looked in the attached file Items.xml you'd find <item name="medicalSnowberryExtract"> <property name="Tags" value="medical"/> <property name="HoldType" value="31"/> <property name="DisplayType" value="foodCureInfection"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="medicalSnowberryExtract"/> <property name="Meshfile" value="#Other/Items?Misc/parcelPrefab.prefab"/> <property name="DropMeshfile" value="#Other/Items?Misc/sack_droppedPrefab.prefab"/> <property name="Material" value="Morganic"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="50"/> <property name="Stacknumber" value="10"/> <!-- STK food --> <property name="Group" value="Science,CFChemicals,Medical"/> <property class="Action0"> <property name="Class" value="Eat"/> <property name="Delay" value="1.0"/> <property name="Use_time" value="..."/> <property name="Sound_start" value="player_drinking"/> <property name="Create_item" value="drinkJarEmpty"/> </property> <effect_group tiered="false" name="Food Tier 0"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$waterAmountAdd" operation="add" value="10"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$foodAmountAdd" operation="add" value="8"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="foodHealthAmount" operation="add" value="15"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="AddBuff" buff="buffProcessConsumables"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$buffRedTeaDuration" operation="add" value="303"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$buffRedTeaDuration" operation="set" value="903"> <requirement name="CVarCompare" cvar="$buffRedTeaDuration" operation="GT" value="903"/></triggered_effect> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="AddBuff" buff="buffProcessConsumables,buffRedTea"/> <display_value name="dCureDysentery" value=".2"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$buffDysenteryAddCurePerc" operation="add" value="20"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="AddBuff" buff="buffDysenteryAddCure"/> </effect_group> </item> Aside from that again, "Beefcake" and "SaltShaker" both already exist in another mod folder's "items.xml", but if any error shows in any "items.xml" the file is skipped creating errors along the way.
  5. The problem is I cannot find the issue in "items.xml", as for the other issues like: "patch for "progression.xml" from mod "Apex's " did not apply: <remove xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkLivingOffTheLand'][@name='HarvestCount']"" "patch for "loot.xml" from mod "Apex's " did not apply: <append xpath="/loot/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='schematicsModsAndGeneralT2']"" etc I'm sure it is just because the FunPimps have changed the names and therefore the locations, but whatever is wrong inside "items.xml" is beyond me, I've gone over it hundreds of times over the course of a few hours and cannot spot the issue. Is there any known way to test/debug the file/code without loading up the game and entering into a world? Cuz that's slowing me down ALOT!
  6. Let's just say, a lot was changed before anything was tested, because I was bringing over an old Modpack I had made and attempting to update it, all at once, before running it. Like "BeefCake", for instance, is in the other farm mod, inside it's "items.xml" but again, since the entire file was tossed aside due to one error, because for some reason that is just how the FunPimps set it up, then any "items.xml" files in any folders are basically ignored. Creating issues wherein any file that requests any item at all, will show errors because all items are missing. That make sense?
  7. You can only focus on the first error though, as all subsequent errors are usually due to the fact that the initial XML file failed to be loaded and parsed, meaning any error afterwards is due to all entries from that file missing. In this case, "items.xml" failed to load because of something to due with "Requested value 'KickDegreesVertical' was not found.", and therefore the entire file, not just what was appended, is technically missing.
  8. items.xml output_log__2020-08-15__20-51-54.txt
  9. Is there a way to test code, preferably with an output log, without having to run the game and load into a world??
  10. Simple question, probably not-so-simple answer, but can Buffs have a random duration value somehow? I can't seem to figure out how to even go about it. Can I use the argument "RandomRoll" or "randomint(X,X)" Help?
  11. No, not really, that's where "<append xpath" comes in. Look again at Blocks.xml and you'll see "<append xpath='/blocks">" before any actual block editing happens, meaning no "duplicates" being created at all, only appended. The "<remove>" command happens beforehand because it is extremely specific about the "xpath". I am removing the harvest in order to force a drop instead, don't want you getting logs as you hit the tree. If I'm being honest though, I'm too tired of looking at this code at this point to even understand much more feedback, I feel like I have code dyslexia from the amount of time I've spent on it. I am taking an indefinite break from modding this game, until either the inspiration comes back or the confusion wears off. Edit: One more thing, you're edit would not work, as the "treeMaster" block that every single tree extends from overwrites any "Destroy" property written to any tree, Hence why I use <remove> in the beginning to take away the "Destroy" event from the "treeMaster". Okay, too much code talk already, it's 5am here, I need sleep.
  12. Sorry for the lack of update, been working on it, I did discover the "woodLogPillar100" issue and fixed it, but unfortunately it doesn't resolve the issue entirely. Blocks.xml is still giving errors, but now the errors no longer point to any particular line of code in the logs, leaving me entirely bewildered. I have scrapped the idea entirely at this point. For anybody wondering, you can just have my idea altogether, and if you can get it to work, go for it, I may even download your mod. I planned on removing trees and stumps from giving you wood, to giving you logs, (but only once felled), using the table saw or a fire axe to get split wood, and the table saw again to get planks like normal. Any other blocks containing wood in game can give you planks, just like IRL, if you broke apart a couch you could recover some of it's planks, or a dresser, etc... The two bushes would give you sticks and you would need a bundle of sticks and plant fibers to make a wooden handle for any tool crafting. Or a table saw and a plank to craft a wooden handle for tools. All trees downgrade to tree stumps after being chopped down. Logs can be placed a chopped into split wood. Anyways thanks for all the support but the issue must be something I'm too deeply invested to be able to see, so enjoy, if you can get it to work. Includes a scythe for getting grass in a large area of affect too. loot.xml recipes.xml blocks.xml items.xml Localization.txt ToDo List.txt
  13. This doesn't work, the log file states that the </remove> is the issue, I originally used that because the code was copy pasted from another of my mods where I used <set> </set> but it doesn't work for <remove> unfortunately
  14. Unfortunately it did not work, I was busy adding more idea code, simpler code at least but it doesn't matter because the above code still doesn't work. Edit: Now the game gives an error and omits the blocks.xml entirely, causing the game to crash on loadup into world. Weird thing is though, there are no more error codes specifying lines of code anymore.... I checked the entire log just now and nothing.
  15. Still have yet to figure it out. Been scouring the code and I see ZERO issues with the syntax, am I using <remove> wrong? How do I bump this?
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