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Is it possible to "flip" a 3d model in game based on actions?

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The title may be a bit confusing, but essentially, while adding guns to the game I discovered that the game simply toggles on and off a certain attachment depending on whether it has been added.


So is it possible to take a 3D model, in Unity, copy it, flip the copy to face the opposite direction, add it to itself as an "attachment", toggle it off, and simply enable the flipped model based on some in-game action?


I am making a one-handed Pick Axe, (that is a tool similar to the stone axe that can harvest wood, stone, and metal in equal amounts), and the model has an axe side and a pick side. I want the model to flip the opposite direction when used on stone or metal, and use the normal axe side when used on wood. Is this possible?

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