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  1. Loving A19. Congratulations to the FP team. Graphics are great and the music has put the scare back into the game. I play singleplayer, random world perma death. If I die I delete, generate a new world and start again. The maps so far have been pretty good. I would prefer bigger cities with more of the top tier POI's. I still havent seen most of them. Traders on the edge of towns is also a good thing. Unsure The gated loot system I hated at first but it is quickly growing on me. You have to change your game style a little. The blunderbus is fun once you learn when to use it. I quested like a maniac to earn enough to buy a pistol so now feel pretty good. No AK47 or rifle for Fright Night is going to be a challenge though! The Negatives The damage buffs, deep cut and broken leg for 1.5 hours sucks badly. Early game there are no splints or medical kits and so wasting 1.5 real time hours is really bad. The traders should all stock those items so you can atleast keep playing. I am finding food is a problem as the vending machines at the traders often have none and just the new buff items. (new buffs are good but we need food) It must just be luck but I have a LOT of beer (useful in real life, not so useful in the game) as every food pile just seems to give beer, not food. Anyway, thats all so far. Well done on the update
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