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  1. The direwolf spawns seem to be very close to you. I listened to the advice on my other thread and now don't go out at night but get this. Warrior level night 2. Decide to spend it in a crack a book. All going well, coming down through roof hole, stay high and use my trusty stick with a string to shoot arrows at the zeds. When only 2 are left I drop to the ground to use my club. As soon as I touch the ground a direwolf spawns INSIDE the locked room. Wtf. I run immediately to the meshed off area and then love tap them all to death with my stick with a rock on the end. Seriously though direwolf should not be spawning inside building let alone inside locked rooms
  2. The deaths have all been at night but I have seen a lot during the day time as well - this is also the first few days. I dont want them removed just made rare like they are supposed to be. On my last map there was atleast one in every single town. I have never encountered one in the wild, only in towns. If you want big predator problems go to the snow biome. Lol they are literally everywhere. On a recent game my first ever clear mission took me into the snow biome. Mountain lions, bears and direwolves literally everywhere. Thanks god it was daytime so I could thread the needle between them and also avoid the lumberjacks!
  3. This is seriously getting ridiculous. I play warrior level perma-death. My last 4 play-throughs have all ended before day 4 with a direwolf jumping me without any warning. They are silent and seem to simply appear next to you. (possibly a spawning issue) Being armed with only a stick with a rock on the end thanks to not being permitted to loot a gun anymore, it seems crazy that direwolfs seem to be everywhere. Surely with weapons gated by gamestage, elite creatures like this should also be gated or atleast ultra rare. They currently seem to be in every single town and village at gamestage 1.
  4. Waterworks is much easier now than it used to be. The tier 4 missions are pretty quick once you realise the traps. It used to be endless swarms of dozens of z's - used to scare me more than shamway!
  5. I posted this because I was really surprised by the damage. I was wearing padded armor and a mining helmet. I got hit twice before I was able to shotgun it to death and it seemed normal. I assume that each hit has a low probability of inflicting each type of damage but it can inflict if you are unlucky more than 1 type at a time.
  6. This was one bird that attacked me on my bike. Fatigued 1hr 36m Deep Lacerations 1hr 37m Mild Infection 1.9% Broken Arm 1hr 37m Treated Abrasion 26m (used a bandage) Net effect health now 30/119 with the rest blacked out I think this needs a rethink as its pretty stupid - FROM A BIRD
  7. My base was nowhere near ready so I decided to face day14 head to head. It was amazing fun. Using a combo of pistol, pump action, steel club and blunderbus it was intense but barely took any damage.
  8. I play single player and am finding food tough as well. I don't have a garden yet but seem to loot immense amounts of drinks but no food. Even large food piles only have drinks
  9. Loving A19. Congratulations to the FP team. Graphics are great and the music has put the scare back into the game. I play singleplayer, random world perma death. If I die I delete, generate a new world and start again. The maps so far have been pretty good. I would prefer bigger cities with more of the top tier POI's. I still havent seen most of them. Traders on the edge of towns is also a good thing. Unsure The gated loot system I hated at first but it is quickly growing on me. You have to change your game style a little. The blunderbus is fun once you learn when to use it. I quested like a maniac to earn enough to buy a pistol so now feel pretty good. No AK47 or rifle for Fright Night is going to be a challenge though! The Negatives The damage buffs, deep cut and broken leg for 1.5 hours sucks badly. Early game there are no splints or medical kits and so wasting 1.5 real time hours is really bad. The traders should all stock those items so you can atleast keep playing. I am finding food is a problem as the vending machines at the traders often have none and just the new buff items. (new buffs are good but we need food) It must just be luck but I have a LOT of beer (useful in real life, not so useful in the game) as every food pile just seems to give beer, not food. Anyway, thats all so far. Well done on the update
  10. This seriously has to be the dumbest idea ever. I applied 5 bandages to a bleed and it made no difference. I just watched my health steadily tic lower until I died. Given I play perma-death this sort of crap is really frustrating.
  11. Thanks for info, though I am a bit disappointed to hear that because the idea of a being killed by a boobytrap at the boobytrap did make me laugh.
  12. I have not tried a full stealth build but really enjoy part stealth. Go quietly, watch carefully where you walk and use a crossbow. I can normally clear a decent number of zeds in a poi this way, just not all as you sometimes wake them regardless.
  13. I just got killed by a booby trap in the vending machine at the booby trap. It looked normal, opened normally, I pressed to buy an item and then it exploded and killed me. On one level kinda funny, but I play perma death and was really enjoying this run through. We really dont need this kind of death when dealing with wildlife early game is hard enough!
  14. I play Warrior but with perma-death and a brand new random map each time. The last 2 starts didn't go well First game Day 1, 10.45a.m. attacked by a frenzied feral with a pet dog. Second game Say 1 2.20pm attacked by a pack of dogs. It may just be bad luck but its really unusual having unwinnable battles on day 1
  15. There needs to be some tweaks to the city generation. Firstly, reduce some of the open space as things are too spread out. Secondly, and more importantly, make sure that they include at least some (preferably 3+) of the very large POI's There are really only 6 to choose from: Shamway Foods Shotgun Mesiah Hospital Waterworks (most common) Higashi tower (mythical POI that I have never seen in a random map) Construction Site (only ever seen once) I keep coming across cities with NONE
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