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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply and the development insight. This sounds like a good fix i noticed how even the first Action skill levels give a huge boost and the spawning rates are ok on day 2. The idea that POIs were once alive and are now too dangerous on day one would also work nicely but you are forced into them because the wildernis spawn rate is also high and you need the bent nails for your first skill points. The additions sound amazing, i feel the Fun Pimps really got the beginning part right (every skill point really matters / meaningful progression / choosing your fights) and a good extension of beeing afraid of the easiest zombies is great. The scaling zombie rage system also fits perfecly in that vision. Some great Ideas for Ravenhearst 7 i cant even imagine how brutal the mod will become when bandits are fully integrated.
  2. Hey love your Mod. It does run fine for me. I just noticed the Zombie spawning in the beginning may be a bit excessive. I usually play vanilla on permadeath/insane/nightmare and enjoy the challenge of Ravenhearst but you cant do anything other than fighting 30-50 Zombies all the time once the spawn protection wears off. This also happens at 13:00 instead of 22:00 contrary to your description. Since the weapon specific perks are also gone you are even missing bleeding or extra stun damage from the perk tree. This is very tiresome and you are fighting well into the night. The long fights also make the club the only viable weapon since you break them on repair and need the personal workbench for all other weapons in the beginning. You may look into it if its intended this way. I have the city Zombie Multiplier on 1x, other than that insane difficulty and vanilla zombie speed if thats important. Looking foreward to a stable release.
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