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  1. I just want to give thanks to TFP for refining combat. Whether I use a club, knuckles, a sledge, a knife, a spear, or a baton, I am combat capable, hell even with my bare fists I can clear POI's; Because they have refined the animations and hit boxes so much that it actually feels like each blow, regardless of weapon choice, has impact. I was extremely dissatisfied with combat in Alpha 18, but alpha 19 seems truly flawless in that regard. I am extremely grateful for the hard work they've put into making the game not only more beautiful, but more playable. I hope you guys make very little changes to combat in the future. My favorite build, believe it or not, is agility, because I find the knife to be such a smooth and stamina-efficient weapon. 10 stamina per power attack, 3 headshots to kill a female, 4 to kill a male, 6 to kill a tank; Extremely fast, accurate, it FEELS like a knife. The club FEELS like a club. No longer are the days of some weapons feeling Jankier than others; Their work shines through so beautifully in this alpha, and I'm extremely proud of the entire development team, because I know I wasn't the only player to throw a hissyfit in Alpha 18 because of the combat. I can't praise Alpha 19 enough for how much of a different beast it seems to be. 7 Days to Die is reaching the potential we all saw way back when, and it is SO damn satisfying to see. We love you TFP team, and I'm sorry that I personally wasn't patient with you and accused you of ruining combat in Alpha 18. It's easy to forget that it's still in development, and it's easy to forget that it's your baby, and that you guys aren't going to raise it wrong because you love it as much as we do. Rock on TFP, and keep kickin' butt, zombie slayers \m/ Especially you Kage, lol. If I have one criticism about Alpha 19, it's that Trader Jen looked better before you plugged a tire-pump into her tits XD I miss the old model, it seemed less sexualized and more human. Food for thought!
  2. I was just wondering how I can get this to work. Everything else does, I can F8 to view my FPS, I can enter debug mode, I can do everything else. I keep seeing streamers taking screenshots from third person for their thumbnails but for the life of me I simply cannot get it to work, I've even tried something so simple as changing the view toggle button to V. It just doesn't work and I'm hoping that you guys can clarify for me any mistakes I may be making in the process. Thanks in advance for the time and energy you're expending to help me. I managed to make it so the camera was inside my character's skull and I was looking at his eye sockets. I tried pressing P to make the camera stationary, then moving my character forward, and pressing zero to "lock camera" as it says, thinking that would enable third person play... But it didn't. What oh what am I doing wrong lol
  3. Not preferable, but... A feasible solution. I've never modded the game, I'll have to learn how. Thank you for the suggestion. It's not like I'll ever stop playing the game because let's face it, it's in the upper echelon of survival games. If I can learn to mod out creative choices in the game that I disagree with, and by extension, play multiplayer with my friends who prefer it the way I do, then no harm no foul. I do have to admit, ever since alpha 17, my play experience has been more about the world, and less about my character, which is a good thing in a way. I look to supplies needed and construction projects required, rather than skill points wanted, and that's changed the way I play the game in a positive way. Just sucks when I specialize into Fortitude and Strength and I can't find a crucible anywhere, but I've begun keeping loot at 200% and getting Lucky Looter III to offset that. For multiplayer the new system works well because it limits every player to one or two roles, and the more people, the better; It's just the single-player aspect that seems to suffer. I remember when my biggest problem with the current alpha was zombie rage mode, but once I "got good" so to speak, it ceased being a perceived problem and became a welcomed part of the game for me. I'm hoping attributes will do the same, but I feel like modding is how it'll have to be for now. But hey, there's always the possibility you guys add in a server option for it, like "skill points per level up", or a toggleable alternative for single-players where Attributes are replaced with Perks and there are no gates between you and every perk. We'll see, but thanks for making the game anyway, regardless of how it ends up it's always going to be a 10/10 in my books, especially if it turns out it's highly moddable. I loved Empire at War because of the XML modding, you could tailor such a unique experience. Is 7dtd modding similar? I suppose I'll discover that myself when I look it up shortly.
  4. Please don't tell me that this perk/attribute system works for most people, please don't tell me that there are no recognized flaws with the current attribute system among TFP devs 0.0 Please don't tell me I'm crazy and wrong, because it honestly feels like I'm spending more points in attributes than I am in actual perks most of the time. I prefer to use the AK-47 and Spear yet I have to sink points into intellect just to build a half-adequate base, can't even touch Fortitude or Perception for the first 2 in-game weeks, it's racist lol. Racist to every other attribute, it's Intellect Power is what it is. Yet Intellect also sucks, because it pidgeon holes you into scrap turrets (Epic overpowered at rank 10) and stun batons (Complete garbage no matter how many points you sink into them). Why can't I build a good base AND have my preferred weapons specializations? I don't want to focus on Intellect until character level 20, then start upgrading my combat skills, in the other Attributes which contain them... Yeah, there's no way you guys are going to tell me this attribute system is preferred. The only possible way you'll tell me it's preferred is if you're trollin' me hard lol, I mean how daft would someone have to be to actually prefer a leveling system that I have concisely perfectly described as inadequate and ineffectual? Nobody with brain cells would. The "End-game" is basically having 2 attributes fully invested in, and the rest profoundly ignored; Missing some of those other perks hurts, every playthrough. There's like 3 perks I want within each attribute, yet, I don't want to spend 4 levels on strength, get level 4 miner 69er and motherlode, then start investing 4 levels into fortitude, then finally become able to invest in machine guns, then invest 4 points into perception, then finally invest in spears, etc. It's just pointless. If you want people to play longer, make a longer list of perks; Don't make us waste points on attributes to extend our playtime. Transform those attributes into perks, and just make more and more perks on top of that =/ Olympic swimmer should come back, maybe make those ocean-based random gen worlds more interesting. Or just make a boat, and make a sailing perk. Hell, make boats, a sailing perk, a perk for fishing bonuses on the boat, AND an Olympic swimmer perk. Make them all! Just add more perks and waste the idea of attribute gates, just completely scrap it because it doesn't serve your game. The only people who think it does, are people who work full-time and can never play the game enough to sufficiently realize they are wrong. You end up investing in strength, getting mining, then settling for sledge hammer and shotgun instead of pathing over to fortitude or agility, just because "I've already invested in strength; To be stronger as soon as possible, I shouldn't waste time investing in another tree, I should just expand on this one." PIDGEON HOLING! It sucks! Scrap it, just to hell with all attributes and liquidate their bonuses among perks.
  5. Please modify the perk system, because attributes quite frankly kill the leveling process in Alpha 18. Gaining exp late-game is waaaaaaay too grindy for the player to require a whole 5 skill points just to invest 2 points into an attribute then 3 into a single perk, even with grandpa's learning elixir and constant base-upgrades. If you make it to level 40 you'll be lucky to get a level up every few days at that point, which would be fine, if I didn't have to invest in attributes before perks - before what I really want - are made available to me. Even then, you can only invest in a small list of perks at a time. Investing points in one attribute, for whatever time period that you do, be it one in-game week or two, locks you out of all other attributes for the duration of your point-investment period. That's so much worse in late game. If I change the exp gain to 200% or 300% to offset this heavily constraining "feature" of attributes, it irrevocably ruins the scaling of my gamestage and I just end up seeing 10 irradiated zeds per POI upon completion of my first blood moon after changing the exp setting. Attributes suck all the previous alpha's enjoyment out of leveling, and that's kind of objective not subjective. You have to choose between the weapons you want proficiency in and the skills you want proficiency in most of the time, don't pidgeon hole me into a shotgun/club/hammer build just so I can have miner 69er and motherlode, that's poorly designed and it's pretty obvious now, after several months of having access to alpha 18 and playing it. Just have a massive list of perks with weapon perks among them, and by all means, maintain an ability to increase the dismemberment chance and headshot damage of certain weapons through perks, I love that. A bow is pretty useless late game, unless 50% of your headshots make their heads explode. I really love that dismemberment chance feature because it makes every weapon viable late-game by enabling enhanced crippling or decapitation of zeds. You just need to not let those bonuses be confined to attributes, you need to convert them into perks and make one massive list with no level gates except for a few key perks like steel forging and other things like that. Let me invest all my perk points into a wide variety of perks governing my proficiency in both skills AND weapons, without having to feel like I'm choosing between this one thing I would like and this other one thing I would like. I want to feel like I can realistically obtain everything I want in perks without changing the exp gain and dramatically ruining my gamestage. I trust you perceive the design flaw here, it's waaaaay too limiting and it makes the game such a god damn stale grind. The poi's got 100x better while the leveling got 100x worse and I think you guys need to touch on that for alpha 19. No more of this spending 5 points before I can even invest in a skill crap, it just siphons all the fun and reward out of leveling and limits all the fun and reward to poi looting or quest completion.
  6. I'm looking for a seed that has a good snow biome with Trader Jen in it, couple cities maybe. I've managed to see her in every other biome but typically, I find when I generate a random seed and fly around quickly to scout it, snow biomes tend to most commonly have vast open wilderness and very little roads. Every other biome I've noticed pretty awesome improvements in road-generation and how roads connect to both POI's and traders, but just not the snow biome. If any of you have such a seed please let me know, here's a cool one where you spawn in green forest right next to a car that has the perk for sprinting in sneak without using stamina: Seed: Incorrigible Valley World Name: Lost World Trader Jen is nearest trader and her shop is in the green forest, with a functioning chemistry station, cement mixer and forge, but a destroyed workbench which may (Has for me) provided a workbench schematic. I've gotten the college jacket early-game in two runs on this seed, there's a good amount of cement and cobblestone piles in the POI's near her as well.
  7. Yeah I love those buried treasure quests, just go to the radius, walk 3 steps in, and dig three blocks down... Works every time, easy money and supplies ^_^
  8. I guess I just wish I had the choice. If I could invest in advanced engineering without a prior investment in intellect, for example. I once did a pure fortitude and strength run, it was really effective combat-wise, but around day 23 I realized I really needed steel structures for horde night because demolishers were coming up soon, and my concrete towers wouldn't cut it. I went to all 5 traders in Navezgane twice (Between inventory respawns that week), yet none of them had a crucible, likely only because I hadn't invested in better barter up to level 3. I just think attributes are too limiting, it favors a co-op playstyle, but since I'm living with 1.5 megabits of internet out here in deep Nova Scotia country, I can't really do online co-op. I have to solo my worlds, and it feels like I'm too restricted in single-player. I mean yeah, if I have to I can just spend 40k Dukes on a fergit'n'it elixir and respecialize, but I have to do it twice; Once to make my crucible, another time to get my previous strength/fortitude build back. Otherwise it's just hoping for RNG to lend me a hand with every bookshelf looted, or every shop visited. I just wish I could - like in previous alphas - choose from a complete list of perks, rather than being pidgeonholed into choosing only the perks that are listed under whatever attributes I chose to specialize in. Co-op is important and this system totally works where co-op is concerned, but the attribute method just greatly limits single-player playthroughs. I just wish I could have a good farm, good armor, and good horde base, on my own, without relying on RNG to either make or break a playthrough - it is particularly cumbersome when you do death = death runs as I do; If I don't find a crucible or a blueprint by a certain point, I am certain to die, which basically means my only way of guaranteeing my long-term survival is specializing in intellect first to acquire a crucible, then subsequently sinking 40k dukes into a respec once I've acquired it. It's worth mentioning, I've cleared out every single crack-a-book in Navezgane, and every working stiff area. No crucible nor blueprint. I've had an entire playthrough jeopardized by RNG, that never used to happen before. Now I'm scared to log in and continue playing it, because death is death, and my best efforts were not enough to improve my chances of surviving - which is kind of crappy. Of course, maybe I would have found one - if I'd chosen to invest in Lucky Looter, which would have involved sinking... How many points into Perception, 4 points to get level 5 perception, and another 3 to get Lucky Looter level 3. It would have subtracted from my combat and utility effectiveness as a player, I have to choose between what I want and what I need. I don't like that. If there weren't attributes I wouldn't have to choose, I could just toss 3 points into Better Barter after a horde, because I usually net 3 skill points per blood moon anyway. Instead I need to sink an additional 4 points into intellect first before that even becomes an option. Just my opinion... I'm entitled to it, I find attributes aren't single-player friendly. I don't even use Junk Turrets or Stun Batons, it just feels really weird. Maybe attributes could be changed, to be universally useful; Maybe every rank of intellect could provide 2% better bartering prices for example, every rank of Fortitude could provide +2% stamina regen, every rank of Agility could provide +2% sprint speed, etc. I just feel like whenever I sink points into any attribute other than my preferred attributes/builds, I'm wasting points. At least having some return would encourage me to sink points into other Attributes without feeling the need to respecialize afterward.
  9. I gave alpha 18 an honest try and got to day 44 without dying. You can learn how to adapt to rage mode and glancing blows, but you can't just always go for headshots like you used to be able to. With firearms headshots are easy enough, but melee requires keeping distance between you and the enemy zombie, thus it is necessary for one to use the knife and spear if they want to have a safe melee combat experience. Essentially you power attack each zombie with the knife in a horde, give them bleeds, then spam spear throws while keeping a safe distance; If one triggers rage mode and starts running at you, you switch to your firearm (I use the pistol) to keep them at bay until your stamina is recharged enough to sprint some distance between you. The only aspect I don't like is the fact that attributes exist, I believe the game would allow for much more player freedom and creativity if the wall of attributes was removed in regards to how one chooses to specialize their character. For example, maybe I want to be able to put 3 points into sexual tyrannosaurus, then 3 points directly into living off the land. But in the current build you can't do that, it's a grindy chore to do that because you have to fulfill the attribute requirements first. If anything, just have one universal perk list that you can invest into at-will, and bring back/create other perks to give more player selection diversity. Things like Olympic Swimmer, you know? I actually liked that, if I happened to generate an island-based world. Maybe you could create weapon-based perks also, like Spear, knife, and club etc, all weapon types, and add them to the universal perks list. A player can gain experience for weapon perks through usage, or point investment, just like alpha 15/16. Remove the wall, add more selections to choose from, promote player creativity. Right now the game seems linear in design, you're kind of punishing yourself if you don't level up better barter and lucky looter, and what sucks is if you want those, you have to invest in perception and intellect, even if you don't favor any of the weapons associated with those trees. The best recourse, in my opinion, is to change the leveling system to allow for instant selection of any perk, while adding a greater quantity of diversified perks to the universal list. Experience required doesn't need adjustment, I like how grindy leveling gets around level 30, it promotes more long-term play and encourages one to combat blood moon hordes for experience rather than just running away on a bicycle. Even at level 40, I got a solid 3 level ups on my day 21 horde night just by utilizing a good fortress, some grenades/pipe bombs, and my firearms. Made me look forward to horde night even more, encouraged me to take my potential success or failure more seriously. Random gen is kind of wonky in the current experimental build available to us, the roads are nowhere near as clean and inter-connected as Navezgane. My usual dislikes remain but they're smaller issues, like how you can never repair a sloped road back to its former state if you put a wood frame on it. Once you displace that terrain, it's permanent, and through rigorous trial and error I deduced it could not be undone. My beautiful sloped road leading away from my rangers station base was no longer beautiful, or sloped, nor could it be restored to such. Water as well, that dipping effect occurs and breaks worldly immersion from time-to-time. That marina POI with the large boat, I recommend you guys put a support pillar beneath it. I literally harvested a garbage bag on it then the entire boat collapsed and created a massive dip on the shore line next to the marina, which was impossible to repair. Zombie movements are something I've gotten used to, you just can't go for headshots as much anymore, with spear throws you're best off aiming for the body, as 2 body shots knocks down the majority of zombie types, then the third throw can be a headshot, since the zombie is getting up and it's way easier to land the headshot in that case. Using bleeding effects and running away is a good strategy too, stab then run, even in a POI you can close a door and continually repair it while they bleed out. I can often get repetitive headshot power-attacks with the knife, but it's 50/50, sometimes I miss repeatedly until my stamina runs out, other times I nail their head 4 times in a row and they promptly flop to the floor dead. Best option in my experience is to cause a bleed and run, use the pistol for emergencies, and use the spear while they're bleeding. Bleed effects debilitate movement speed now as well, if you specialize into Deep Cuts, which only adds viability to this build. Lastly if you guys want to challenge yourselves, play on 25% loot abundance. Just put 1 point into Living off the Land and 1 point into Iron Gut, then you can amass Snowberries 2 at a time, and eat them safely. You should get enough canned food from questing, but in the off chance you can't or don't, you have emergency food. The knife/spear strategy ensures you can tackle a death is death run, you just need to learn how to construct a good horde base. I prefer two concrete towers connected by an Iron Bar bridge, with large Iron Bar walkways around the top of each tower. Just load the floor beneath the towers with Barbed Wire Traps to slow movement, and spam grenades and gunfire for maximum experience gain. You'll definitely need to prioritize buying the crucible from the shop, because if you're never dying, the gamestage is going to make sure you have a lot of cops and demolishers coming your way later on. You NEED reinforced steel structures at that point. Right now you have no choice but to get level 10 intellect to make your own crucible, so perhaps for the first two weeks you could invest in intellect and Advanced Engineering, make a crucible, then respecialize with the Fergit'n'elixer to something else. Kind of brings me back to the point about attributes being unwelcomed, you have to get beyond the end game at this point just to have level 5 deep cuts and level 5 heavy armor. I think this game needs attributes to be stripped from it, and it benefits from a large perk list. I'd like to apologize for my behavior in the Alpha 18 developer diary, I was in a different place mentally. I was channeling my insecurities/misfortunes into the mistreatment/belittlement of strangers, even the developers who are doing their best to make the game better, and I feel sorry for doing that. It's a good game with a lot of good qualities, requires practice to master, and at this point, my only main problems with it after learning everything it has to offer is my problem with the world, IE water and terrain physics, as well as the attribute-gating. Remove attributes and refine terrain and in my opinion, 7 Days to Die will warrant a full release. But you developers are perfectionists, so maybe another five alphas after that point just to make sure your vision is met lol.
  10. By the way, on a closing note: If you want to combat food poisoning early-game, put your first 2 skill points into living off the land and iron gut. You'll harvest 2 snowberries at a time and won't have any risk of poisoning from them, it'll keep you fed while you grind quests for the trader, you can supplement this with the purchase of food and drink from the vending machine. I tried to find a fix for the broken melee mechanics, but short of placing spike traps in doorways in a POI, or sticking exclusively to spear-throwing, I found nothing.
  11. While you guys are working for a living I'll be here living in the country, keeping fires stoked in the winter and enjoying leisure time with my wife every day. Some people are just more privileged than others and aren't required to engage in the triviality of a life of labor where they're ripped apart from their families every day in service of economic gain ^_^\m/ Some, however, are not more privileged. And are required to sell their lives, cognitive capacities, and familial relationships in pursuit of staying afloat economically. Why would I need to save scum, when I have all the time in the world to keep trying until I succeed? You have the weekend. That's it. It's okay to have less. Be appreciative of the limitations you have. They define you. - - - Updated - - - And please... I quit pot two years ago, because I had the time to devote to combating withdrawal symptoms. I'm proud of being clean from it, it was unbecoming of me to numb my irritations and mend my wounded sobriety with it. I got tons of therapy, overcame my psychological shortcomings, and nullified my need for consistent self-medication. Now I just cut out the toxic elements of my life which would, in the past, make me burn a bong load. This game in its current build is such an element, it does not reward adaptiveness or skill.
  12. I'm literally just saying that to balance these new changes they have to fix how zombies walk. This elementary school Minecraft-walking where they follow a grid doesn't mesh well with the new changes. Anyway, Stallion and fox, you two can go ♥♥♥♥ yourselves. Enjoy your lives of debt slavery and closet alcoholism. - - - Updated - - - Right now you're the one projecting in reaction to the fact that I predicted the method through which you handle death is death. I am way too prideful to save scum, I beat myself up about it for months trying to master Interloper difficulty. But I finally did it, and nobody can take that away from me. Especially not you.
  13. I've made it to day 13 without dying on Alpha 18, with several close calls. I used twin towers and molotovs to beat the first horde, with spike traps and barbed wire underneath. When I did die I was looting a house, and what killed me was a hardhat zombie that rotated 45 degrees and made me miss my headshot, but I still did shaving damage; He entered rage mode, stunned me, and beat me to death. A single hardhat zombie, just because he rotated 45 degrees while walking toward me.
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