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  1. An actual photo of 7 days to die biomes, straight from the Assets folder of Windows 10 lol
  2. To be fair, I knew getting into it that forgiveness would be off the table. My point got across, and like I said, I was willing to accept being the public enemy if it meant getting my point across. Maybe you will eventually all familiarize yourselves with the male Karen named Trunks that pops by here sometimes, usually has a few good points to discern in his rantings, and maybe you'll accept him as a part of the community regardless of the rantings. That's all I can hope for, but I knew getting into this: That's all I'd be capable of afterward, that would be the stain on my name. I accept it, and I accept your stance Mech Lens. No offense taken, complete understanding on my end.
  3. Do I feel horrible? Like a complete dirt bag? Yes. I feel guilty, remorseful, I owe you an apology madmole. Also you, mechanical lens. I just felt like my primary point was overlooked. Understandably, how many replies do the devs have to respond to in a day? It's easy to get caught up in the monotony of it all and pass over the point someone is trying to make, and only devote an empty reply to it. I feel guilty for blowing up, I am sorry, I'm grateful you guys entertained me and heard me. Now I need to try to calm down. Once again, I'm sorry.
  4. It's just way too invaluable for how it changes the player's approach to Bloodmoon hordes. Running around, wrangling zombies into a group by running in circles, throwing molotovs into the density of them, then feeling confident that you can empty your clip into the rest and sprint away while reloading... Run and Gun is invaluable because of that. And Madmole stated he'd consider trying some sort of an integration of Run and Gun into every other attribute, so I'm good. I was heard.
  5. I already mentioned, no gates in the general attribute. No investment in the general attribute. The general tab would have no prerequisites; You invest in the perks listed under it, nothing more.
  6. Roland is thoughtful and typically tries to reason with a person. Just the other day someone mentioned a genuine concern with the lack of transparency in progression, something about having a steel tool too early in the game, and while everybody else was chewing that person out for "flaming the forums with unwarranted hate for the game", Roland was actively saying "no I totally get your point, and it should probably be a part of the game, that transparency for progression, advising players on what is and isn't a good idea early-on".
  7. Snowflake. Getting my point across the nice way didn't work, I had no choice. It was be heard or be ignored. I chose to be heard.
  8. Finally some actual acknowledgement of what the hell I was saying that isn't caked in thoughts of nothing being wrong. THANK YOU. Seriously you're the one spear-heading this project. Don't spear-head it into oblivion. You know... Like spears in multiplayer right now, vanishing when thrown. Don't make your game vanish like that with pride. Accept the fact that I know what the @%$*#! I'm talking about when I raise a concern. You said "Nice to see people enjoying the stealth build!" to me the other day. Funny thing is, I was pure agility, zero stealth, totally overpowered, and scratching my head.
  9. There's a difference between hard choices, and pidgeonholing me into agility because Run and Gun is the one single superior perk that everyone should acquire. Other builds are irrelevant, yet they contain fun things. Hence, everybody is always missing out; Hence, psycho-logical (Word gets censored) manipulation of the player into repeated playthroughs. And that's the only reason why you guys have so much playtime, because all the idiots who can't see the end from the beginning just keep walking in vain hoping for a fulfillment they're probably never gonna get from your game. If games were rated based on how often they're played, Candy Crush would be a better game than 7 days to die. Doesn't change the fact that it's just an absurd dopamine generator for wine moms who lack the inner resources to play something more demanding. I could never play anything other than agility now because I'm on day 28, haven't died, and I'm STILL just running around and gunning/throwing molotovs on every bloodmoon. Tower defense game? Not if you spec agility, because it's the only tree where you can sprint and reload.
  10. All I know is that one would be a mentally deficient fool to specialize in stealth when you can instead walk into a poi with an SMG-5 and a desert vulture and a machete and eliminate every threat with cold calculated efficiency, using run & gun to reload while sprinting to safety. And good luck using your stealth build on BM night (y) I am accepting the role of public enemy to say what has to be said. I'm unsubscribing from this forum so you guys can talk to your wall.
  11. You are falsely assuming that agility should be about stealth. Nobody likes stealth, literally nobody, and you're desperate to pretend it belongs. Stealth means nothing, when you have scripted zombies falling through ceilings, immediately detecting you regardless of your "stealth".
  12. "Honestly, I would be satisfied if these following perks did not have attributes gating my investment into them: Run and Gun, Miner 69er, Motherlode, Living off the Land, The Huntsman, and Master Chef. Parkour is an exclusively awesome thing in agility, leave it there, leave it gated. But those other skills I listed are too universally useful to gate for single-players, and should be accessible to all players regardless of specialization. Boom, I'm satisfied if this is the case. Leave attribute gates, but make key things more accessible etc. That's just my opinion. I feel it could be a win for both single players and multiplayers, because two characters in different attributes could still mine together, hunt together, tend to gardens, cook while traveling and camping out, etc; And that form of cooperation is what makes an in-game server community or township feel more real. It is possible to have TOO MUCH privatization involved. There should be a Survival Basics attribute, with no gates, just useful perks. That's my ultimate solution, and that's the note I'm ending on I think. I hope the devs entertain the possibility, I know it sucks when somebody criticizes your baby. I speak all of this from a place of love for your baby, devs. Just so you know. I love it." Then there were plenty of people who came forth and agreed, yeah, leveling is janky right now. <deleted>. There is no error with progression, progression is fine. But what you ACTUALLY unlock WHILE progressing is broke as hell. You basically have to take a 15 point detour to get RUN AND GUN, if you're specialized in anything but agility? For real? Yeah that's clearly fine. It's not like 15 levels is an entire week or two of grinding kills away, or anything. No matter which specialization you choose, you're just always getting screwed. That's what this current iteration offers. Nothing more.
  13. Go back to page 494 and 495 for what was discussed yesterday, for what madmole essentially entirely missed the point of with his apparent lack of ability to admit the system's flawed and in need of rework.
  14. Go ahead and ban me from the forum for 3 days, but SOMEBODY had to tell you, MM, that you are trying to force a really terrible leveling system down our unjustifiably loyal throats. So @%$*#! the unjustifiable loyalty on my end. Use your BRAIN. We've offered SOLUTIONS. Stop letting your pride cast aside our criticisms and ADMIT that leveling SUCKS in its current iteration.
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