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  1. Which I would also find very good if you could also hit with a firearm. With the piston, the knob, or the MG has a knife on the front. Even if it doesn't do a lot of damage, but to make the zombie tumble backwards.
  2. Hi, On the topic of weapons and tools * Tools to better remove larger amounts of grass or harvesting plants and / or seeds. * More accessory and types for weapons What I really miss is a normal gas mask! Which is used like a scarf. Then you can put on a military helmet. And maybe an eye patch
  3. It would be nicer if you can loot zombies again. Besides, it's so bad the zombies drop so little loot. It would also be nice if you could set the spawn rate of the zombies even more differentiated. Spawn many or few zombies. Also, in some buildings exaggeratedly many zombies. I would also like a better translation into German. We have many fans here. Then more different weapons and outfits would be cool. And a better character creation system. That the stamina and the life energy completely sinks if you do not eat or drink, should also be optional on and off. The best thing about the game is that you can set as many options as you like. You should keep that in any case. Maybe you can also introduce Optional, that you can set, that zombies can not break stones and concrete. And it would be nice if you had an optional end. For example, you can specify that you will be saved after some time. Or that you have to activate a station, and then there is somewhere a rescue zone. If you are there, you can fly out with a helicopter. If you do not want to, you just keep playing, you do not have to go there. Then you have a point to work towards.
  4. Hello, I wish you could set the zombie intelligence or the pathfinding of the zombies differently. It may be that many find it good that the zombies are more intelligent now, but I find them too intelligent now, at least for the pathfinder. In my opinion, a ZOMBIE should have some stupidity. If a zombie is too intelligent, it's no longer a zombie for me. And the wayfinding I find just too hard. I understand it, if some of the zombies before found too stupid. But now I find her too intelligent. But to make it right for everyone, you could make it optional. Or adjustable in different stages. Oh, I forgot, if you could fish that would be cool. And spears I would also cool, to sting and throw.
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