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  1. Hello dear Fun Pimps, After a long time in a community there are some topics that could be improved for the future. I also write on behalf of the other players. - We would think it would be better if the prey ability not only improves the quality of the prey but also increases the ability to find rare prey. Many players resent that they increase the prey ability and won't find any other loot, just higher quality, but it won't help them find better and better stone axes, stone shovels or primitive bows. At least not as much as you can find. Then you prefer rare, poor quality
  2. Which I would also find very good if you could also hit with a firearm. With the piston, the knob, or the MG has a knife on the front. Even if it doesn't do a lot of damage, but to make the zombie tumble backwards.
  3. Hi, On the topic of weapons and tools * Tools to better remove larger amounts of grass or harvesting plants and / or seeds. * More accessory and types for weapons What I really miss is a normal gas mask! Which is used like a scarf. Then you can put on a military helmet. And maybe an eye patch
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