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  1. Green Thumb 1 is still missing from Farmer Class when you start. I can see it's been added to the .XML but it doesn't unlock - Is this maybe because it still requires Science 2 as well as Farmer Class so it's not unlocking because of the requirements?
  2. Missing Items for Farmer Class? Not sure if there are some items missing from the farmer class starter pack. Re-started a game this morning and noticed it says that I should start with a blunderbuss and 100 Home-Made Ammo but I didn't get any when I opened the briefcase. I have screenshots if you want to see them
  3. Amazing thank you! Have to say I love this Mod so far it's been a while since this game has made me jump! Also love the name - Sons of Anarchy was a fantastic TV show!
  4. Thanks! I have the 10 packs of seeds that I received when I took the class but I currently can't do anything with them as all the recipes are locked behind Green Thumb. I had 1 actual seed on me so that's all I've planted so far! Are night terrors supposed to de-spawn when night is over as well? We still had one roaming around day 2 mid-day that we had to kill. Those things are terrifying!! I also don't know if I've installed it right with the MOD launcher. I quit the game then decided to try some SP so re-launched and just got stuck on the loading main menu screen before my game crashed - It does it every time I exit the game and try to re-load the only thing I've found that fixes it is deleting and re-Installing the MOD before I relaunch the game and I have t do this every time. I don't use EAC so i leave that unchecked but i leave refresh mods and update registry ticked as they where when i first installed it. EDIT: It seems it's just me being impatient - If I tab out of the game or click on the screen while it's loading it crashes. If I leave it alone it takes a couple of minutes but it does load every time. Must remember this in future! Sorry for all the questions! - - - Updated - - - You get packs of seeds but when you go to recipes to pick what seeds you want all the seeds are locked behind the Green Thumb skill which I can't get until Level 5 as I need Level 2 science to unlock it. Thanks for the reminder about the Farmer Zombies though!
  5. Farming Class Question So just started this mod with my dad - We both took different classes, I went with farmer and he went with survivor, He got given a quest chain for his class and I didn't is this right? If this is correct from what I understand of the farming (from the brief 2ish hours I've spent in the this mod so far) is that I basically can't start farming till Level 5 as I currently can't craft any seeds, I need science Level 2 and Green Thumb Level 1 to even start this. Sorry if this is a really dumb question I'm just trying to get my head around this and make sure I understand this correctly!
  6. Lisasmno

    A16 Valmod Pack

    null reference exception object reference not set to an instance - Working Sink Hi Guys, Hoping you may be able to help. I play on an MP map with my dad and we both run expansion not overhaul. We keep getting the above error whenever we try to make the Working Granite Sink. It's not just this object it's happened on the plumbing kits and the fire traps also when we try to look at them. Has anyone else had this problem at all? I've had a hunt and i can't find a solution for this. Do we need to maybe reinstall the mod?
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