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  1. I have not read through all the responses to the OP, as, my thoughts are concrete. Why miss out on the experience, both literally and visually.

    So for me, instant travel is a big bad NO, especially with this particular game, where, being in the world "real time" is part of the experience/fun.

    As for the Spotify list. I personally turn music off completely and use about a 10% ambient level. I just don't see real high survival levels if I got some tunes blasting my eardrums. This game is totally visual and audio-centric, so, your survival really depends on line of sight and audio queues.

    I'll pass on both the instant travel and Spotify playlists thank-you, sorry to burst any bubbles, but that's just me. Hope you like being devoured by zeds as Duran Duran assaults yer eardrums.

  2. Ive been using this HUD mod for a while now and I have to say, it is great. Everything about it is exactly what Ive always wanted in a HUD mod.

    Super duper thumbs up for this one... Orange... orange is one of my favorite colors, so yeah.

    Enough of the gushing... thanks for the GUI overhaul. It was long needed.

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  3. Cool. Another map generator. Always nice to see tools like this being made. Wish I had the big brain and patience to learn programming so I could do stuff like this.

    And yes requests for the inclusion of CompoPack (aka: prefablist) are gonna be huge for a tool of this nature.

    I, personally, hate playing 7 Days without the Compo pack (and all the other POI's that are, as of yet, not included, so I download and include them as they are released from the various sites I visit)

    I've, only just, downloaded this and have not had a chance to fire it up and get into a map, but I can't wait to try it out.

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  4. sorry my mistake it was a .ttw file not .ttf (edits to compensate)


    Not sure if this will help you but I had the same/similar thing happen (a few 7Days versions ago) but this is what I did to fix it...

     - Start 7 Days to Die as you normally would.

     - Use the built in RWG to make a map, we will call this your world template (yes it takes awhile, but that's RWG for ya)

     - When you spawn into the world, give it a minute to render, do a 360, smack some grass, run around in circles, whatever, just give it a minute or so

     - Then exit the game normally (it will auto save)

     - Find the save folder (X:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Worlds) and inside that look for the file called main.ttw (the world template)

     - Copy that file (main.ttw) to the Nitrogen\resources folder OVERWRITING the existing file (obviously BACKUP first)

     - ONE THING to remember is that if you RWG an 8K map, then you should NitroGen an 8K map to stay consistent

    (Ive used 4K templates to generate 8K worlds and not noticed anything weird but hey you never know so just stick to consistent)

    Now you can use Nitrogen to generate worlds and they should complete generation without hanging.

    I think the reason that things get stalled out is that Nitrogens main.ttw file is outdated compared to 7 Days generation rules, so updating the .ttw to current A19+ with the built in RWG kindda tricks Nitrogen into being more "compatible".

    If you look into some of the .ttw files inside the main 7 Days "Worlds" folder (open them with Notepad, Notepad3, Notepad++, whichever, they are small so windows notepad will suffice) you can see that the version numbers are a lot older that current Alpha 19+ builds. As is the .ttw contained in Nitrogen.

    Hope that sheds some light and hopefully gets you generating proper worlds again.

    Below is an 8K map I compiled a few days ago with the above instructions, 'cause the new A19.4(b7) just went stable not to long ago.

    I've been using the above method to update Nitrogen every time a new 7 Days alpha drops and I'd say 1-5 out of a 100 maps have failed.


  5. Prefab spawning via. prefablist.txt

    Pretty sure all you would need to do is add/remove from the included prefablist.txt that resides in the Nitrogen/resources folder.

    The custom sections (eg: custom_town_size_25, etc...) really helped me to get the cities looking like real cities and the towns are spread between, with villages and hamlets here and there in the wilderness. Zoning rules in the prefablist.txt file are really helpful, but they can be a lot of work/typing/mix'n'match and trial and error.


    POI Spacing via. config.txt (also in the resources folder)

    This one is governed by 3 settings in the config.txt file, POI_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_OTHER = #, MIN_DIST_OTHER_SETTLEMENT = # and
    MIN_DIST_SETTLEMENT_TO_CITY = #. There is really no other way in Nitrogen to assign min/max proximity for buildings/poi's.

    Also, as far as I can tell, the settings for terrain radius checks (eg: cityTerrainCheckRadius, townTerrainCheckRadius, etc...) can help you place larger or smaller poi's as well as tightening or relaxing the streets via. the drop-down select within Nitrogen.


    Experiment with the settings, change config.txt values and mess around with the prefablist.txt poi zoning rules. Eventually you may get what you are trying to acheive but don't expect miracles. I'm still fighting with config-files and poi placements to this day, but that's cause I'm more into modding the world than actually playing for any length of time.


  6. Man, that looks exactly like a hotel that was constructed in Mississauga, Ontario, on the QEW, that I used to drive by on my way to work every day.

    (a few years ago now)

    I'm all about exploring the prefab creations that people make, so yeah, like stallionsden says, I look forward to adding this into my worlds so I can wander around and explore.

    By the way, It looks absolutely amazing.

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  7. using alone;unique should give, at the very least one instance

    wrong... the game will pick from a list yes, but that does not mean that your prefab will appear in the world

    ive played 100+ games with my AncientTomb prefab in the rotation and have never come across it in the wildernes ... like ever... even though it is in my list

    its all just a roll of the dice really... then there is the chance of you actually finding the prefab as you wander the world

    nitrogen may spawn the prefab but have fun finding it unless you cheat and fly around

  8. I didn't wanna post this as a bug report 'cause its pretty trivial but ...

    During a massive cleanup and restructure of my prefabs folder (getting ready to make a new Nitrogen map)

    I noticed this house_new_mansion_03.xml has no other files associated with it and wondered if anyone else has noticed, like the fun pimps.

    I'm sure it was just an oversight on their part, but now I wanna see this so called NEW_MANSION set that they are making... I'm intrigued asnd confused.

    Anyone shed some light on the missing files or am I right in saying that it was just a mistake by TFP crew cause of late nights and not enough coffee :)


  9. Cool, more junk to pack around. Just kidding.

    I like all the "extras" (item mods) that people are making. It gives a feeling that this rotten decrepid world once held intelligent, thoughtful life.

    Boardgames eh? Hmmm... may have to do a quest mod. :)


  10. Hello, I am new to this, and I was wondering do the Orginal POI's still in the game with the compo pack, for example, will I maybe encounter a military base still?


    Yes. you will find all of the games buildings.

    Some (actually lots of them) have been rebuilt and fixed by the modding community and end up in compopack.

    Sometimes in game you will get two (say) houses that look exactly alike close to each other... but when you go inside you will see differences.

    Ive been running compopack forever and I always see buildings from both the defaults and compo...

    ... So dont worry and download compo and nitrogen... with a little patience and reading here at the forums you will be generating worlds that you will be loving to play in.

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    Necropolis is currently not available yet for A18. It is planned to be included in the 0.8.x release of the mod. Work will start on that end January 2020.


    Sweet action

  12. The linked version for A17 links to v0.441, which is for A18. The generated world is built for A18 as well, causing the A17.4 dedicated server to throw a bunch of errors.


    Any chance of getting one of the older builds for A17?


    i second this... version 355, if i recall, is the last Alpha 17 (.4b4)

    please release this version seperate from the newer ones

    sry I'm a A17 fanboy/modder

  13. Check Black Friday sales... We purchased some iBuyPower ones from Best buy several years ago, and they are stock name brand parts, and it was cheaper than buying them separately and assembling one by hand.


    Im a super-user nerdy/geek when it comes to PC's. I love putting them together. Thats half the fun of owning the damn things. If I can find a few i5/i7's that people are selling cheap I'll just cobble something together to bring me up to speed. aka, outta the dark ages... :)


    Here is my current Rig, so's y'all can have a laugh



    QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 2666 MHz

    -- not currently OC'd, been there done that on this mobo, can't get much so I dont' bother

    Asus P5Q SE Plus (Rev 1.xx)/IntelP45, Eaglelake/AMI.v2204

    -- this was in a HP-Pavilion (cough) PC, got it fer $20 off'a some dude

    8192 MB (DDR2 SDRAM)

    -- supports 16gig, you know how hard it is to find 4x4gig800mhzddr2 that actually work on this board? for cheap?

    EVGA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB)

    -- a new piece and well worth it, especially 'cause it was just handed to me "Here, a gift for you" kindda thing

    Acer P221W 22" LCD 1680x1050

    -- mainly for editing programs such as Unity, Blender, Photoshop, FLStudio, etc. when I need a lot of screen

    32" Samsung TV 1360x768

    -- games, movies, surfing the net and reading code... my eyes are gettin bad so I like the bigger screen for text

    VIA VT1708S Audio

    -- not bad sound, IF you get the right drivers, add some 3rd party enhancing and get good speakers... so yeah

    Samsung (320GB/5400RPM/SATA-II)

    -- thats your bootdisk !?! Hey, I'm a gamer. My Win7x64 just sits there doing Ef all, so who cares

    SanDisk SSD (480GB/SATA-III)

    -- got it super cheap. stores games I'm actively playing

    Seagate (500GB/7200RPM/UltraATA/100)

    -- this baby is old as dust. stores older dusty games

    Seagate (500GB/7200RPM/SATA-II)

    -- more games that are older and not played as much

    Seagate (500GB/5400RPM/SATA-II)

    -- and still more games

    Hitachi (320GB/5400RPM/ATA-II)

    -- workspace/in-out drive, download/decompress/install/delete, gets tonnes of read/writes, may die soon

    hp DVD-RAM SW810

    -- it just sits there, looking somewhat sad. Lonely, hungry... hoping, that one day, I will feed it a DVD or CD to burn. (mmm, cookies)

    D-Link DWA-130 Wireless N USB Adapter

    -- what can I say?... Umm?... It works.

    Xbox 360 Controller for PC/Windows

    -- for racing and flying games only and the rare time I play any retro 2D metroidvainian/jrpg games

    Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.24384 SP1, 64-bit

    -- updated/optimized/modified/hacked/cracked and de-telemetrized, then made to jump through hoops for my amusal



    ... and yes it plays 7dtd, not at the highest visual settings or 10,000 frames per second. I'm not really worried about leaves that blow in the breeze, grass that waves in the wind or high definition tree bark when a zombie dog horde is hot on my heels. there's good in every game

    I'm happy that it has lasted as long as it has (with a few upgrades over the years) and as long as I take care of it, it should last another few years. Why go to all the effort of keeping that old-assed technology? some would say. Just buy a new one.

    Well... I'm gonna. Someday soon. But I wanna build it from scratch so I'm probably gonna buy 2-3 towers off of Kijiji at $200-500 each, plus maybe a better cpu or memory and bif-bam-boom, Bobs yer uncle.

  14. Someone could spawn the "OCD" scenario (4k map is enough) and then fly around all the POIs on the south border, and just check if any of them has a wrong y-offset, or some other strange placement bug.

    -> That info is needed to update the prefablist.txt

    -> The game sometimes changes the prefabs, and the XML have some wrong descriptions for the y-offsets.


    Im off Sunday and got no plans, so, maybe I can finally fire up A18 on my 10+ year old PC and give you a helping hand. No promises though as the old girl (PC) is probably not gonna play nice with A18. Been looking on Kijiji for a new PC or at least an upgrade. I will try though.

  15. Iam about to write a prefablist for CP40 / a few simple questions to understand the tool better:


    1. do I need these lines in the prefabslist? Does Nitrogen needs them to generate the playerstarts ?

    player_start1,NAVONLY,0,0,6,2,6,alone;smalltown;downtown;hillbillyjunk... etc, etc...


    2. Just to verify i have understood the use of the custom-zones:

    when I have 15 Asia-Prefabs and want them to spawn in a town, then I should use custom_town_size_15 - right?

    and then the 15 Asia-lines should look like this:



    3. do oldwest-POI's also appears in common towns or do they just spawn in their own oldwest-towns ?


    4. can I change the order of the lines dramaticly ?

    I want to sort them and kinda visual categorize the lines by zones.

    (put the Asia-POIs together / put the traders together / put all oldwest-Pois together / and so on)

    Would that be a problem (or handycap) for the generation-engine of NITROGEN ?


    Oh Oh pick me pick me... lol


    1. No NitroGen produces its own set of spawnpoints, you can alter the amount in the config.txt found in X:\NitroGen\resources\ There are a lot of Navzgane (and other) items that I remove from my generated lists and no bad side effects


    2. Not sure about this one


    3. Also not positive of this but I think (from what Ive seen) oldwest stays pretty much together, 'cause Ive told them to in the prefabslist.txt (nitro-zones, I call 'em)


    4. Nope thats what Ive done... easier to find things

  16. I typically generate a new map with every CompoPack release.

    New worlds are always the most fun for the way I play

    The first 6 days count the most to me... never been much of an endgame player.

    Real life gets in the way of devoting huge amounts of time to the game. (playing/modding)

    Always look forward to new POI's and the challenges they incure.


    Modifying some of the particularly OP POI's is great of you to do.

    I know how much work building/balancing/altering POI's is.


    As always, looking forward to this and future CP releases...


    "CompoPack... or Nothing!"

  17. Is there a list anywhere or can one be started of public servers running compopack


    Dont really know if there is a consolidated list of said settings. Most servers will have a preliminary list of whats included on their servers. Im sure that if they have CompoPack it will be listed. I refuse to play this game without it.

  18. The cracks are like speed controls in the post apocalypse. Never drive and chat.


    I love the cracks. Say your wandering around at night and all of a sudden you're ambushed by a bunch of Zeds... holy hell... you run off in some direction just to fall to your death into a 70 foot ravine... mwa-ha-haa... its awesome.

  19. found a small typo in your pregenerated prefablist.txt



    should be industrial;smalltown the delimiter was a comma

  20. Cool... have you tried it with a NitroGen map yet... to see if RadZones cover towns near edge of maps.

    I'd so be down for quests that require rad protective gear (a quest in itself) in order to get to a site (poi) that hold ALL THE LOOTs

  21. drop mags compopack into your prefabs folder

    use the parser tool in nitrogens tools folder to "read" the prefabs

    it will generate a list of the prefabs that YOU HAVE TO EDIT

    look throught the list and remove pois you dont want (too big,ugly or doesnt make sense,fps hitching,falling apart)

    add your edits to nitrogens prefablist.txt in /Nitrogen/resources folder

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