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  1. So with critical damage I have to land it safe and sound next to Shamway just to nerdpole my way up.
  2. It would be cool to see a melee or armor overhaul or buff coming along with this. IMO it's always cool to get more detailed injury system but with the current gun meta on higher game stages melee seems to become even more useless if you put yourself to the risk of losing the functionalty of your limbs, etc..
  3. The moment you're trying to dig out your 4x4 and all you hit is the vehicle itself because: hitboxes. As most people like to write it like a mantra: "this game is still in alpha" and "maybe if it's gold".
  4. IC, this will be a thread for people posting their expectations about how vehicles should be in the future.
  5. Sounds sobering. Vehicle update, books and eye candy. The vehicle update seems to be the major part. Maybe it's an unpopular oppinion but I need something with some inventory to get from A to B. Yea the scale of A19 isn't set but judging the past updates I don't expect any surprises contentwise.
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