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  1. Your analogy fails on the fact that rarely does the author have 0 imputed. If I tell a worker to do something and it ends up done poorly, it still falls back onto me as their supervisor. It is still their IP, and they got the rights back, likely had a hand in putting it on sale and then went sorry about your broken game. TT is definitely the main one to blame here but TFP are not absolved of any responsibility especially as they now own the rights. Even if we pretend things are exactly the way you say in such a simple scope on the subject, The game is on sale right now on xbox. Friends of mine bought it in the past week. They literally just bought a severely broken game that is CURRENTLY owned exclusively by TFP.
  2. Waiting till next gen will officially burn the xbox base and I'm willing to bet 80 to 90% will not even consider buying it for next gen. The game is not really playable without a constant cycle of losing progress.
  3. I'd rather look at it through factual eyes and not your rose colored glasses. They are dedicated to working on it if/when the game on pc goes gold. We won't get an update in all likelihood. This means I am still left with a game miles behind PC that crashes often and resets huge chunks causing me to lose sometimes a few hundred hours of work (when it hits my storage room). In all honesty, I wish they would have never made the console version tempting me with a game I had been following since the kickstarter days in hopes of eventually getting to enjoy it on console with friends. Iv enjoyed my time playing but seeing the game on sale made me think maybe we would finally get an update to fix the catastrophic md5 errors but nope. It's on sale on xbox to lure in new people so that TFP can recoup their costs but is still the severely broken game and officially we just got word that no fix is coming. I bought the game day 1 with 3 friends. Release day, using certain skins would break a world and I should have known that it would be a rough road but I never thought it would end like this. Hell even Kerbal got their ♥♥♥♥ together after a year and fixed their severely broken game on console. But at least we finally got word so its something...
  4. We aren't getting an update, they don't care about this gen and will only persue work on 7dtd if the PC version is successful. Xbox is forever stuck with with broken hot garbage. Crowd funding is how they came to be so they know how to do it but considering all the facts, I do not think it would be successful.
  5. Glad they finally said something even if it is essentially go pound sand, enjoy your severely broken game. What a shame
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