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  1. Hi faatal, speaking of hit detection: any word on when the large melee range issue will be addressed?
  2. Can any of the devs please answer this question with regards to fixing melee range?
  3. Do you know if this is planned for A20 or will it be in a later release?
  4. Yes, I watched fataal's stream. There was a comment that summarised the whole stream. There was a hitbox section but it was not about melee range.
  5. Hehe. I dunno... I don't understand how more people aren't running into this issue. None related to the issue I'm having, though I would love to be corrected so that I don't have to skip another alpha!
  6. So the huge melee range issue is still not fixed? What a shame. I wonder if this will ever be returned to its previous, sane state.
  7. @faatal, are you planning on doing a dev stream? I looked at the descriptions of 1 through 5 but didn't see you mentioned as a guest.
  8. To add to this, for me the issue is also that I can hit them from a ridiculous distance.
  9. No, the range has definitely changed, and the issue is completely orthogonal to the rage mechanic, which is a feature that I welcome. I'm not sure what else I can say, other than try a previous alpha (maybe 16 or earlier, I can't remember when it changed) and compare it for yourself. Until then it seems a bit odd to call it "subjective feedback", especially when it's already been acknowledged by the devs as an issue. More links to relevant stuff in this post: https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/news-announcements/138574-alpha-19-dev-diary/page291#post1720713
  10. No weapon in particular, and multiplayer (PvE). I had no issue with it a couple of alphas ago, where it felt intuitive; your range (and the zombies) was shorter. You knew where to stand to hit the target and where to stand to avoid being hit, which meant it was easy to judge when to backpedal and when to go in for the attack.
  11. Hey @faatal, I know you're probably sick of this question, but... is fixing the large melee range still in scope for A19?
  12. This is so good to hear! Such a small thing has kept me away from the game lately: https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/general-discussion/1716203-melee-range-is-too-big I can't wait to get back in with friends and play again in A19!
  13. Would be great if it was configurable and could also be applied to the player.
  14. I can get hit from what feels like metres away and can hit people from metres away. I have 500 hours in the game and I love coming back each alpha to see what's changed, but since this change was made I can't get more than a few days in before I have to stop playing. It's so unrealistic and unenjoyable. Please restore the old melee range.
  15. Hey faatal, what are you working on these days? Also, do you have any side projects that you work on in your free time, or does working on a game during the day take the fun out of coding at night for you?
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