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  1. Ha! Fun if you got that! Yeah I have a base design for HN that works in a19 where I can go melee and be pretty relaxed. Yes it followes conventions but it's boring (non cheesing btw). Still, I'm that kind of person who has done it a gazillion times before and I just don't need to repeat that over and over and over again for every single implementation of the game. It get's old. Horde night is in some way the most boring part of the game, especially if you actually have to play it. What TFP and moderators don't seem to understand is that it can actually be fun to find ways to AVOID horde night alltogether, but they don't see that AT ALL. And now we've gone to a stage where that is totally impossible and not viable so I have to actually go to the options and turn it off, if I don't want to go to one of the ways I proved today that still work for cheesing. Why do I need cheesing you may wonder? If I want to play on serves with friends, but don't want to have to do HN, that's when I have to cheese. I can also just log off during HN. Maybe while they're at it they should come up with a way to prevent that. Like if you log off on a horde day your character gets erased. That would be sooo TFP. Yaay! Looking forward to that one. Maybe ban players that log off while we're at it - for life, if possible. Get our accounts on Steam erased while you're at it. Actually no... send the police! Full SWAT gear ganking for "cheating". Death penalty on the spot real Judge Dredd style, just *boom* to the temple - problem solved! F* cheater! No I'm not irritated at all. This trend has been going on for far too long (years and years). Since TFP don't actually do long term quality control but only do short term bank account control this is what we get.
  2. Good one. My journey is over then, because the devs chose the path of less potential. Rather sad though, because I was ready to put another 4500h into it! Only problem is that that doesn't pay their bills because I've paid for the game once in 1856 and there is no way for old school players to matter anymore, unless the devs actively chose to listen to some expert gamer's advice. Yes, there are many gamers out there who know better how the game actually plays out long run than TFP do, even though they created the game.
  3. But who'se choice is that? If I want them to fall through a tiny hole because I can - who can say I'm not allowed? I bet you have a car. What if someone told you - yes you have a car, you paid for it. But you can only drive 1 mile a day with it! Because reasons! It's bs. Freedom is what we're after and what makes this game special (or rather DID make it special, because now only bs is left!), and that freedom has been shrinking for no good reason with every update. To let you in on a little secret though - you don't have to worry that those who want to catch rats run out of cheese. I'm not going to say how and what, but I've only today found ways to cheese with some of the most elemental building blocks in the entire game, just because I wanted to reassure myself that what ever TFP have in mind, I won't get railroaded into their way of thinking just because they don't like me to. FREEDOM!!!
  4. I must have misunderstood. Sure, fighting the horde can be fun, but you can have fun in different ways. I'm probably far too nerdy about this game by now because I feel loss at the possiblity that bunker building has become a very explicit thing only possible below very high mountains (which don't even occur on every map). Building a base on a high tower and not having to defend it because it's too high up is gone too. Zds swim faster than the player and spawn both on dry land and on the strip that's beyond the water in the radiation zone, so underwater bases are a no go now. They can fall from the sky and only take a fraction of damage so fall bases in order to kill them are almost rediculous now. It feels like TFP have spent more time nerfing what the player can do rather than spending time on what the game can do for the player. Like there is only one single vision of how things are supposed to work and that's it - everybody has to conform or quit playing! That is way not OK. The fun is in the freedom of being able to do things how ever which way, to build where ever you want, however you want!! I want to build towers I don't have to defend! I want to build underwater tunnels and bases that don't risk getting busted! I want to build bunkers like it's the last day on earth! But no. All of that is not in TFPs vision. You have to build a tower structure with an iron bar rim around, that's the only thing you're supposed to do! Everything else is cheesing or cheating and you have to desist immediately! Creativity is not appreciated and freedom is frowned upon. I don't want to build Joels medieval tower in every single game! When are you devs getting that?! I want to do something widely different every single time, that's what keeps me interested! But you keep cutting my options of doing so with every single update - just because reasons. It's bs! If I play Horde night is off because that is my problem now! If I want some freedom in the game I have to actually turn off what the game is named after in order to get some amusment beyond what I've done 1000 times already. The game had way more potential back in a16 than it has now! All that has been "added" with every subsequent version is gimmicks and player restrictions, and even the most fanatic yea-sayers can only agree. If not, prove me otherwise! Game mechanics wise we've had more restrictions put on our player creativity than TFP have put into actually expanding their universe. It's a tragedy! TFP need to wake up and smell the... Carcass!
  5. Yeah. And when we don't want to play that way we get told "Just turn zombies off". Yeah, nah! There are other games that don't have zombies in it, that are way more fun. What I want is the freedom of choice how to counter a horde - if I want to do so. And if I can do so on the same server as my friends, perfect. Am I bothering anybody if I'm not actively participating in horde night? No. But when I try to make that point here, a lot of people act butt hurt. They don't even know who I am when I am on a server. They don't even know what I do on horde night. They don't even care how I build my base. They don't even care if I kill one or all zombies at horde night. They don't even care if I log off during horde night. But they damn well care that I can make it easy for myself and keep safe and not having to spend my game repairing the base. It makes no sense and that's what makes the game less and less fun for me with every update, and the non existing reasoning behind why I have to conform is annoying an pushes me away from this. 7DTD in a16: Here, have an offroad car, go where ever you want! a17: ...but you can only drive around in the US of A. a19: ...and only on highways a20: ...only between the offices of TFP and the TFP Convention Center. a21: ...you better park it next to Joels car! a22: ...clean the damn thing! It's dirty from we don't know when! (Yeah I tell ya, that's dirt from a16, and that was a damn fine car when everything started). The trick in game creation is not to restrict the player as much as possible, but to give the player options and freedom. Minecraft didn't become so big because it only let the player do one thing, but it gave him or her total freedom. We have no arrived in a world where the zombies can move better over blocks than the player can, and they move faster than the player ever can through air and water which further restricts our freedom. We're not to be safe anywhere at any time. Ok, but I'm free to play something else.
  6. Why thanks, now they're going to remove that too. They don't want you to be safe, so if there is something - keep it to yourself lest you want the devs to "fix" it. The game is not about choice and fun, it's about killing players and their bases. But in all seriousness, I've actually made it easy for myself and just kept playing with bloodmoon off. Becaue if there is one thing I'm incredibly tired off after 4500h ingame, it's the endless base repair and constant hunt for ammo in prep for it. I actually have a job (yes, I'm a grown up) and when I come home to relax I don't want to stress from bloodmoon to bloodmon but just want some easy going things to do while I'm in game. If or when I run out of fun with bloodmon off I'm not going to turn off all the zombies (as some like to suggest, those people probably also like to eat grilled T-bone steaks made out of tofu), I'm just gonna play any other of my 200 games. Once the pimps have abandoned 7D and turned to other projects sharing all ideas will be safe. Until then they are nondesirable exploits. P.S. appreciate the video of course and I might sub to your channel.
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