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    I'm from an alternate reality where the world was destroyed by atomic fallout. in my time line we are just starting to rebuild.
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    Multiverse, NewSA
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    Paintball, Fitness, Game's,
  1. I agree with all of it. A Draw bridge man the super cool castles you could build. Bee keeping is a big yes for me. And yes more walkers I still what to see child walkers. And a Baby walker that hangs on the ceiling of prefabs. and with that the ability to crawl through on block holes can be re-added. and a stalker walkers that only make a light breathing sound they will not attack you but will hold on to you and screech to call near by walkers and you will need to raptly click the attack button to escape. I also like to see a few clown walkers each with its own uniqueness. and when/If sanity is added to the game a little girl walker that hums "ring around the rosy" and lowers your sanity.
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