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  1. On Mag's first post it states the sleepers are done 100% unless I misread that. Either way glad to have it.
  2. I haven't browsed the forums a whole heck of a lot and I probably missed it, but is there an editor a tool that I can use in game or outside the game to build prefabs that includes the new sleeper mechanics?
  3. I have noticed a lack of towns and mostly just see cities myself. I just use the CompoPack rgwmixer.xml with no tweaks to it whatsoever. I'm won't complain though I like it as it is, but that does not mean the towns should not spawn. I can do some more testing from home once I'm off work.
  4. I completely agree here. The idea of this prefab pack to me is it is a community effort. I almost find this prefab pack essential to me playing the game and enjoying it. As I have made a few of the prefabs in the pack I know that they can causes issues for people. It isn't too hard to pinpoint which prefabs are causing issues at times. If you get a huge FPS drop make note of what is in your field of view and turn your back to it and see if the FPS goes back up. If it does move in the direction of the FPS drop and try and pinpoint which building it is. Take a screenshot of the building and then we as prefabbers with the help of Mag can pinpoint the issue. I do think if you are getting huge FPS drops down below 10fps in the city it is possibly a machine issue, but it could very well be a prefab issue. In the current version of the pack I do get some FPS drops in the city (10-20FPS drop) and I am trying to pinpoint those to make an effort to make the pack better. With that said, you can't expect there to be no FPS drop at all, it's going to happen that's the nature of the beast...when there is a lot of moving parts or lots of loading sometimes you're going to take an FPS hit, but it should never be to the point of 10fps or lower in 7 Days unless you have an entire building fall or something that major. Otherwise, I think it may just be computer hardware issues. Just my two cents and trying to help out where I can.
  5. To be honest I am unsure of the exact specs of the server as it is hosted with Blue Fang which was recommended via TFP. I do know we have had 12 people on the server at one time without issue. I do know the server is Linux based though and seems to run like a champ. From what I have read someone people either don't like BlueFang or their support, but I haven't had an issue with the server, the control panel or their support.
  6. Again with the lights comment. I question server hardware and client hardware. I don't have a super computer, but what I do have runs 7 Days great and when I run through the city I do see an FPS drop, but it's maybe a drop of only 10 FPS. I usually get 60-65 fps roaming outside cities and in the cities I may drop to 50 fps at the lowest and that usually only when I first visit a city and it loads in. I also run a server and when watching the server stats I never see the CPU or memory peg out, I also never notice any lag nor do the players on the server. Now this may all just be luck for me, who knows. While I know the lights can cause an issue, as a test I placed about 20 prefabs down that were known to have excessive lights. I then left the area and came back I noticed at most a 15 fps drop on first entering the area then noticing it level out at around 50. I am unsure why so many people have issues with fps, but there are way to many variables without concrete info.
  7. I was wondering this too. I haven't tested it yet either, but when I was troubleshooting the recent FPS issue with the pack I started about 12 new worlds and each world had 1-5 buildings collapse at some point. I didn't make note of them all, but I will some more testing and try and pinpoint these. The circus tent was definitely one of them though.
  8. Gotcha....something to note. Thanks.
  9. Has anyone noticed some collapsing buildings in the city hubs? I wonder if there are some issues with a few prefabs and the yOffset? I am at work, but I may do some testing to see which prefabs are falling and why.
  10. This is what I did as a temp fix. Mags may have to throw a fix into the pack from now on unless TFP fixes it on their end.
  11. It's glassCTRsheet in the editor.
  12. It looks like the block is glassCTRsheet in the editor, but I'll confirm this. Looks like The Sect Followers of M has the same issue along with a few others. It looks like the Space Needle has it also. The skyscraper that I can tell doesn't use glassCTRsheet thus why I never lose much FPS with it.
  13. I found the issue with this prefab and several others its the windows. If you look real close at them there are some little dots in the windows where glass should be. I have not tried to open the POI to edit it, but I do see something that isnt right. When I removed these my FPS jumped back up. While the scyscraper did reduce my fps some it was very minor. Maybe a 10fps drop from 65 to 50-55. WIth these POI's with the odd glass I drop to maybe 3 fps. When removed it was back to 55-60.
  14. It's been proven that a lot of lights do cause some FPS drop, but for me they have never caused me to drop to 3fps and when I ran into a lone POI that slowed my FPS down in the open I tend to lean more towards that as I haven't had many fps drops with the CompoPack before until A14 and the lit1 issue I mentioned above.
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