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  1. Thank you very much for the advice...i appreciate the compliments @stallionsden if im being honest, i consider it offensive to come into someone's thread, comment repeatedly about nothing related to my post, and as someone who has been building prefabs for so long, and seeing a 1st time attempt at prefabbing, say nothing about the prefab good or bad (constructively)
  2. Thanks! Glad you got it working
  3. Just checked, both links are working fine for me
  4. HI Gouki, Thank you No sleepers, just the base 👍
  5. Thanks, It was made with steel to be OP, lol If I could say in my opening post, it is indestructible to zombies I would, but given enough time, well...that would be false
  6. Hello all, I decided to build myself a steel castle fortress, one in which zombie hordes would have great difficulty getting into. I figure i would share it with whoever might want to play with it. Huge Castle -Its a large square castle, nothing fancy, definitely not based on anything historical. -it has a bunch of hidden loot, a few panic rooms (a couple hidden), hidden library and wine cellar Twilight Castle -same as huge castle prefab, but with a weird hidden basement (thats all i will say) -needs to be put 35 blocks below ground level -I usually create a new world, dont start new world, go into world editor, choose new world, and find a good place to place it, save, then start new world. -download zip and extract to your prefabs folder EDIT1: This castle is meant to be OP (hence all the steel), i built it so i wouldn't have to worry about the hordes and i could be free to explore. You wont find it furnished with 1000 furnaces or workbenches. -Hopefully everything works properly as this is my 1st and last prefab creation TwilightZoneCastleA.zip HugeCastleA.zip
  7. Thank you guys very much for the information!
  8. yep, i assumed they go into the nitrogen resources folder and overwrite, i did that and i still dont have the option of selecting combo pack 45
  9. Thank you to everyone working on this great update! Quick question...when using Nitrogen and after installing this update there is no option to choose Combo pack 45 only combo pack 43 (from alpha 18)...Im assuming if we want to generate a combo pack world we still choose that option and we should get combo pack 45?
  10. OK thanks for the quick reply The mod is awesome, I'm going to use it from now on. Thanks again for your work
  11. First time using your mod, its working great on 16.2! thanks! for some reason the guns are a little twitchy, is that normal? whether your just standing still with gun out or aiming down site it seems to jiggle a little.
  12. I can't believe how awesome this looks! It looks really accurate... Amazing job, I can't wait to try it!
  13. I just want to say thank you magoli for this fantastic mod! The prefabs are really great. I found this awesome factory yesterday with a bull dozer outside. Some of the houses are incredible! You are are very gifted, my friend. You've managed to breath new life into this game. Why the 7dtd team don't incorporate different prefabs in the game is beyond me, it gets real boring looting the same kind of house over and over THANK YOU!
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