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  1. Thank you for your efforts.
  2. Hi Guppycur, Thanks for your portal mod. I have been trying to use it for a couple of weeks now. I have something happening that makes the portals inconvenient. I am playing with other mods, so I don't know if that's affecting it; I don't think so. I am playing on a dedicated server. The portals work fine after being placed and named. When I log in after the server restarts or if no one has been on for a few hours, the portals are not working. I usually log in where the first portal is. The first portal is still there and it is still named but it just says Not Connected. If I go to the chunk that has the second portal, suddenly it works fine again. This doesn't fix it for other people though. Each player has to go to the second portal and then it activates by getting close to it. This, unfortunately, makes the portals difficult to work with. Is this expected behaviour for a dedicated server? I am on the A21 version of both your mod and SCore, updated as of yesterday. Second question. When I look through the files for the portal mod, there are Magic Portal 1 and Magic Portal 2. Is there any issue with using these? I like how they look but don't want to use them if there's a problem. Third question. If a portal is on blocks (not dirt/ground) and I teleport to it, my character often falls below the portal and gets "stuck" under it or the surrounding blocks. I can get out eventually but I might need to navigate a little. This doesn't happen when the portal is on dirt or the ground. Is this normal? Fourth question. Is the keycard lootable only? I don't see a recipe for it. Thanks again.
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