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  1. found some cool shots of the airplane wreckage.
  2. Magoli, it's not just your pack man. In vanilla there's empty cities lots everywhere, the cities seem to spawn correctly (albeit alot less of them), but they are not filled out at all. Your pack seems to help a little, but there are still huge areas empty in cities. but again it's like that in vanilla, so i would bet it's a RGW thing that has to be ironed out by TFP. Just my .02
  3. Hey Magoli, I'm not sure if this is your stuff, a bug with the game, or a prefab having static spawns of old zombies. But.....I was fighting the silver surfer zombies in Laz Manz Prison today . Your pack is working well though. And it's awesome as always, just wanted to let you know .
  4. I just drag his prefab folder into my config folder and choose "overwrite all" when it asks. After pack 8, i did erase the old prefab folder and install a new fresh vanilla prefab folder, then dragged his pack 9 back into my config and overwrote again.
  5. I don't know what exactly the issue could be. But i can tell you for 100% certainty the steps Magoli has laid out are dead on. I have had his pack running on my local machine and my BF server since pack 5. No issues whatsoever in this pack for me. The lag is rough at times, but that's expected with the size of the buildings in the pack and the enormous cities. I will say this, when he switched the prefabs names over to his naming system it screwed me up for awhile because when i chose overwrite it missed a lot of the new names and caused errors all over the place. But that was my own pc's doings and not really his fault.
  6. I agree. At the moment it's causing fps issues for some people. And there's really no need for them. You can pretty easily make candles/torches and the mining helmet is a perm fix or a flashlight on your gun is decent to for clearing buildings. And on top of all this as Guppy said electricity is coming, so why not prepare for it by going ahead and killing the lights. Mag could probably do it little by little instead of at the last second and save himself some grief.
  7. I agree. my dad had an old 57 chevy truck in the backyard and it only got cranked up once a year if that.. Took him like 4 years before he would fill up haha. Gas never gave him an issue. With today's cars and today's gas it may be different. As they have made sensors and such really high tech on vehicles now and gas has many many additives in it .
  8. I downloaded the pack and wiped for a fresh start and it's amazing Mag. The cities are full and are spawning almost perfectly now. And so many new buildings to explore! Loving it man Great work.! As far as the frame drop, I am getting some rough spots here and there . it seems to really wig out around the burning buildings (which are awesome btw). But i am still consistently over 40fps even in the city with zeds. And as far as the lights, i have never understood why fridges/lights and all are working anyway...the power has long been gone. I would be completely cool with killing the lights. Would add to the spookyness of a lot of prefabs as well and would give people more reason to carry torch/candles around.
  9. Hey Mag, Great work. Do you intend on the "lit" pack to be available soon and the "unlit" pack later or are you waiting to finish unlit before releaseing pack 8?
  10. Hey Magoli, I can confirm the weird log light poles. I am running the latest live free or die mod and your prefab pack w/mixer. I saw a couple in the hub city last night . I'm thinking TFP may have made a change and not put it in the change log. It's not really an issue gameplay wise, just looks really weird haha.
  11. Mag is 100%right . The mod I am talking about also has a mixer file . The prefab files are nearly identical except the mod has fewer prefabs because the mod owner does his own QC's on the prefabs . I personally have been using his mod(live free or die) and using Magolis prefab folder and mixer . Both mixers work just fine . And at this point there is very little difference in the two . Magolis mixer you will have more prefabs and just slightly more performance hit because of more prefabs . The mods mixer is a little easier on slower machines and has water biomes . Both are great ! Magoli and agent are both very good at what they do and I got nothing but respect and gratitude for both you guys .
  12. I run Magolis prefabs, and the live free or die MOD . Plus some extra like pick able grass and such but that doesn't affect performance at all .
  13. No problem . They have been nothing but helpful and their customer service knows what they are doing which is great.
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