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  1. On 10/20/2021 at 9:31 AM, Canute said:

    You geting such quests mosttimes when you raise at the quest level.

    When you can get lvl 3 or 4 quests from the trader you prolly get a quest to open a new traderrout too.


    every 10 quests completed (no matter what trader gave you the quest) you get a new tier of quests and a special quest to another trader till tier 5

  2. On 1/22/2021 at 6:13 PM, Vedui said:

    Always great advise to do a clean re-install, and start a new fresh game without any mod

    i do a fresh install and start a new game every time that a new stable version pop out, but  i had the same problem of OP using Nitrogen

    every time i start playing i have single digit fps, but typing "pois" in console solve the problem

  3. On 1/18/2021 at 11:28 PM, Roxy said:

    It has been almost an entire month now and the game is still unplayable since the 19.3 Stable Update. It is the laggiest it has ever been, to the point that I can't even move around in-game. Turning down all the settings to low usually fixes this problem, it does not this time. Rolling the game back to a previous alpha doesn't fix the issue either. I have tried everything to make it work, even uninstalling to reinstalling the game. Something is just so screwed up this time it's apparent the game is not ever going to work again until the next update, which is extremely disappointing. The game is utterly useless if I can't play it. I have seen numerous complaints on Steam about the issue so I can't be the only one experiencing the problem.

    are you using Nitrogen?

    if it's that the case try typing "pois" in the console

  4. 4 hours ago, paladylan said:

    With the demo zombie, they severely LIMIT this mechanic for ANYONE who wants to build a base, and makes most of the end game items completely useless, like the turrets that will set off the demo zombie

    like i posted before if the turrets are pointing at their back they didn't set them off

    it's really an aspect of the game that requires you to adapt while you progress on the game: at first you can use simple defense like spikes and barbed wire, later on you had to change your tactics and move on to more advanced defences sistem, like electric fences and dart traps or turrets

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  5. turrets are effective on demolishers, they had to aim at their back to not activate them

    i'm using them in my base with 0 problems, combined with electric fences and dart traps make a more than effective defence


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  6. you should ask in the console forum, this is a thread about a19 

    but long story short (for what i know and remember) TFP sold the right for a console port to Telltale, Telltale stopped updating  and then went titty up, TFP after a legal fight win the rights backs(or buy back, don't remember), maybe after gold TFP could think of porting to console (emphasis on maybe)

    updates were all responsibility of Telltale, not TFP

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  7. Trader issue: day 62 (21day horde SP) 19:00h and I cant enter trader. Like is closed and kicking me out. Can open outside door and run into few meters but thats it. Is there a fix or workaround?

    Will try to enter in the next morning too but doesnt looks good.


    hit f1, type dm, hit esc, hit f6

    spawn a temporary trader just inside the compound, hit f1, type dm off

    you should be able to enter the trader

    if the trader is gone just do it again and spawn a static trader inside

  8. I have been playing this mod for some time to learn basics and I think I learn a lot and want to start from the beginning. Any good seed for traders that they are close not far away?



    lot of cities and like EZ2Remember said in every city there is a trader

  9. along with what saku said, if you place a "static" trader, it should stay.


    nothing we can do about trader despawns, is a vanilla issue.


    usually the gate is closed but the the trader is still inside, when you enter you can go to the trader in the shack and everything go back to normal

  10. hit f1, type dm, esc, hit f6 and place a temporary trader inside the trader settlement

    then you can open the gate

    the temporary trader would disappear whit your next reboot of the game

  11. hi i got problem today,, one trader has gone ,disappeared and i tried to close game and open it then he kick me out,, i used my sniper rifle scope to see if he back but no.

    i used f1 and dm command and i put one trader instead of the one who disappeared but sadly i can only see his legs and i can not move him down but problem solved for now,, i hope you can know the problem>>




    after playing more i get another one closed ,i used dm command to get in but it stay closed :(

    p.s i moved my character in new world in v 3.1.3 and i get no errors in 14 days in game


    you have to put a temporary trader inside the poi, just inside the gates

    then put one static trader where you want

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