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  1. hi all i did a big blocks mod for a 12 i believe havent played sinds then so maybe you can use some of the code it added 200+ new block shapes to the game if i can find it i wil post a link in here. i have decided to stop on most xml based mods/tweaks sinds i want to focus more on the scripting. ------------------ filles they are from alpha 12.4 havent worked on them sinds then. maybe ask sergant if you can use some of his block's, sinds he has a lot in his mod if i remember. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3DgsoY7UFTeQlFvZTIza2IycE0
  2. wasnt that already known atleast its the same for the loadscrees and menu screen.
  3. Realy nice man wil test it when I get home
  4. Realy nice man wil look at v1.6 today
  5. Wil check this awesum tool tomorrow this has some hight priority thank you der popo and if I understand you corectly we can extract assets from bundles and edit the assets whit this ore edit the bundles.
  6. magoli clear your inbox please... thx
  7. [quote Well, I'm not in the habit of critiquing other modders man, and definitely don't go out of my way to do so. Since you're specifically asking for feedback though: I wouldn't add it personally. The Pimps did a great job of making melee dangerous in Alpha 11, by extending the reach of zombies so that every time you get into melee combat with them you risk getting hurt/infected. My worry would be that putting a low-tech longer-reach melee weapon into the game would effectively disable that. I understand that you probably added it because it "makes sense" in real world terms, but that doesn't necessarily make it into a good game feature. For example, in the consensus reality you could imagine zeds possibly grabbing your spear and pulling you into them as a result of using it, but given the game doesn't have such systems, it essentially just becomes an uber weapon that negates any danger to melee combat. Ok thx for feedback and to be honest I think im going to remove it sinds what you say makes a lot of sense thx For help 2.
  8. Was wondering what your thoughts were about a stone spear. That is made out of sticks plantfibers and stone. I like modding this game myself and I added the spear model a few days ago. So what kind of stats would you give it. I thought poor=80 durability and 3 hits in the head to kil a zed sinds its longer ranged weapon it must not be to op you know what I mean. (also love you ideas)
  9. You can also chaing existing recipes, items( properties), blocks only thing I do diferent for my selfish mod is I put all the xml stuf and icons in 1 map called Randor9's mod only special items and stuf that need unity fille stuf ( that I havent goten to work) This wil spare time and make it easy for people wanting to yuse multiple mods.( this is about sd2dx tool)
  10. In the shared assets folder there are the inventory items which you can extract from the mod and impirt in you own filles you can even addit it to merge whit you icons if you made a back up of them all of that you can do whit the uae tool
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