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  1. wasnt that already known atleast its the same for the loadscrees and menu screen.
  2. Realy nice man wil test it when I get home
  3. Realy nice man wil look at v1.6 today
  4. Wil check this awesum tool tomorrow this has some hight priority thank you der popo and if I understand you corectly we can extract assets from bundles and edit the assets whit this ore edit the bundles.
  5. magoli clear your inbox please... thx
  6. You can also chaing existing recipes, items( properties), blocks only thing I do diferent for my selfish mod is I put all the xml stuf and icons in 1 map called Randor9's mod only special items and stuf that need unity fille stuf ( that I havent goten to work) This wil spare time and make it easy for people wanting to yuse multiple mods.( this is about sd2dx tool)
  7. In the shared assets folder there are the inventory items which you can extract from the mod and impirt in you own filles you can even addit it to merge whit you icons if you made a back up of them all of that you can do whit the uae tool
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