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Please be aware that a wipe of previous Save Data and Generated Worlds is recommended for A20


Clean out A19 data

1) Start the game from your library

2) Select show game launcher

3) Click in the tools tab

4) Click on clean game files and check all circles

5) Click clean

5) Right-click the game title in your Steam Library list, expand the Manage section, and click "browse local files".

6) Delete the Mods folder if it exists.


Download A20 data

1) Right click on 7 Days to Die in your library and select Properties.

2) Select Betas from the menu on the left.

3) In the drop down menu on the right, scroll down until you see latest_experimental and select it.

4) Wait for A20 experimental to download



We want to get your bug reports if you have problems with A20 and are sure you have cleaned out all old data from A19!

Please go HERE to report bugs for the PC version only. 

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