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  • Abnormal use of server RAM

    • Version: A21 b313

    Summary:Abnormal use of server RAM

    Game Version: A21 b313

    OS/Version: win2022/win2016

    CPU Model: 13900K/2678V3

    System Memory:64 GB/256GB

    Bug Description:


    The longer the server runs, the higher the RAM usage rate, which exceeds 500% compared to A20

    13900K runs for 8 hours using 30G RAM, The maximum number of online players is 20.

    2678V3 runs for 6 hours and uses 14G RAM, with a maximum of 6 online players.



    Due to the large log size, it cannot be uploaded. Please provide an effective upload path for the management personnel

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    Yes, this is something we are aware of and being worked on. Although I'm not sure if you have mods that somehow make it worse, I'd keep an eye out on that if you do use any. Also, it's best to restart the server every few hours or so if you have that many people on it.

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