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  • A21.2: Permadeath - vehicles still exist and their locations are shown

    • Version: A21.2

    The A21.2 Permadeath feature is awesome. But it has at least one bug.


    If the player has a vehicle (and places it, though I don't know why they wouldn't do this), and they have the "permadeath" setting, then when they die, the vehicle still exists on the map. If/when the player finds it, they "reclaim" the vehicle.


    Whether or not they can "reclaim" the vehicle is, IMHO, less important than the vehicle being shown on the map.

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    Thank you for reporting. 

    Vehicles still existing in the world with permadeath setting is intentional, as we need to take into account multiplayer (briefly discussed here): 


    I see we have an internal ticket related to waypoints not resetting/clearing properly on perma-death, so I've added your report to it.

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    If I could make a suggestion: I understand why you don't want vehicles to be destroyed on death. However, nothing is preventing TFP from making the vehicle "unclaimed" on death.


    This should be relatively simple. The code would set the vehicle's owner ID to null.


    The next time any player uses the vehicle, including other players that are in the vehicle when the owner dies, the code could set the owner ID to that other player. (This would also allow players to loot the vehicles of their kills, which is the reason their backpacks are still left in the world.)


    There might already be code to "claim" a vehicle whose owner ID is null. But even if that particular feature isn't implemented, simply setting the owner ID to null would be an improvement.


    Thanks for replying.

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