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  • Access to T1 Iron Crossbow in groupHuntingRanged as T0 Prob linked to high Prob for Savage Country Crate

    • Version: A21.2 (b30)

    This is directly related to loot.xml, and as such doesn't add logs and associated bug requirements. I can add additional details as requested.


    I just wanted to check if it was intended to have the gunBowT1IronCrossbow hooked into ProbT0. Some community players in a server we administer 'complain' that they receive it too early, and suggest it dramatically reduces the challenge of early GS. Just checking if this was intended so I can relay the answer to the players and settle that constant question for once and for all.

    <lootgroup name="groupHuntingRanged">
        <item name="gunBowT0PrimitiveBow" loot_prob_template="ProbT0"/>
        <item name="gunBowT1WoodenBow" loot_prob_template="ProbT1"/>
        <item name="gunBowT3CompoundBow" loot_prob_template="ProbT3"/>
        <item name="gunBowT1IronCrossbow" loot_prob_template="ProbT0"/>
        <item name="gunBowT3CompoundCrossbow" loot_prob_template="ProbT3"/>
        <item name="gunRifleT1HuntingRifle" loot_prob_template="ProbT1"/>


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    Thank you for reporting. I checked with the team and this is currently intentional. The idea was to give the players a place and chance at finding a crossbow earlier than ProbT1.

    That being said, there are still plans to adjust loot balancing as we continue to refine our progression systems, so this will likely change in future alphas. 

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