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  • trader stucks in zoom optics

    • Version: a21

    hello (i hope i dont post twice, iv searched but nothing found)

    when i trade at the trader (weapon trader), sometimes he wont let me go, im stuck in a "zoom optics" in 2 different ways

    the first is, the size of screen is like 40%smaller and the trader is watching me, like im hypnotized from him

    or second the optics are 50% screen size like i zoomed in


    in both things i cant go away from the trader...its like im trapped in a 10meter radius..i cant reach the door (its only at the weapons trader)


    the only solution is log out and log again in


    addition bug/feature change > the door from the weapon traders outside (the big) is opening and closing 2 slow) the animation of the old door comes (the 2 security wood things in the door) but then it tooks like 1,5sek to open /close the door, perhaps u coud make it faster


    i hope i could help..greets

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