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  • Street-Tile "rwg_tile_countrytown_cap" causes weird Stone-Artifacts

    • Version: A21

    Hi, Guys & dear Fun Pimps.

    I'm the Creator of some Mod-Maps (f.e. New York Undead 1,2+21, Germany Undead 1+21, UK Undead 1+21, Japan Undead 1+21 etc.) and i just found a Bug that appears only Ingame, not in the World Editor: It's the Street-Tile "rwg_tile_countrytown_cap" - some of them (not all) cause strange & massive Stone-Artifacts over the Ground on the middle-left side of the Tile.
    I found this Bug even in RWG-Made-Maps. See this Screenshot - hope the Bug will be fixed soon: 🙂


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    I think i just fixed it by myself:
    I loaded the Tile into the Prefabs-Editor, marked the (invisible) Bug-Region in the Air & pressed J (clear the selected Block). Then i saved it as a new POI with the same Name & overwrote the old Files. 
    Haven't found the Bug since then - checked Pregen10 & one of my RWG-Maps 🙂
    I could upload the fixed Tile for further testing - anyone interested?

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