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  1. With the release of A19.2 B3 Experimental, we're looking for owners of AMD 5700 GPU's to give us some feedback on the potential fix for the white flickering dots on the terrain that some users reported back in A18. NOTE: This is a different issue to the glitter issue seen in the wasteland/burnt biomes.
  2. porque mi juego alpha 19 me habre con la consola de comando 

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    2. lester78157


      because my alpha 19 game opens me with the command console

    3. lester78157


      because my alpha 19 game opens me with the command console

    4. schwanz9000


      Please read the details in the red banner link above and post a report with all information requested. 


      Most important is a copy of your output log.

  3. This was a bug with how the deco was being saved in world files. This has been fixed in A19. Schwanz9000
  4. Make sure VSYNC is turned off in your video card options as well. For example, NVIDA control panel has a "Manage 3D Settings" section. There are tabs for Global Settings AND Program Settings. Schwanz9000
  5. Try this: Validate your files in Steam and make sure there is no mods folder at all. No POIs, GUI mods, etc. Use A18p4b4RWG01 as your Game Name AND World Generation Seed in a single player game. It should give you East Roboda County as the Generated World Name. Once it has generated and you are in game, exit the game to the main menu and go to the world editor. Let us know your results. If it fails to load again, please submit that output log.
  6. Please upload your client and server output logs to pastbin. Instructions here. Also, could you describe the base layout like number of forges, campfires, workbenchs. What was cooking or crafting at the time? Did you have a land claim and bedrolls down? Schwanz9000
  7. Please upload your crashed output log to pastbin so we can root cause the crash. Instructions here. Schwanz9000
  8. This is an issue where you are using the same seed name from one version to another and the old save info is being overwritten on the new one. Using seed name 123 on A17 and then using it again in A18 would cause this. The RWG code has changed between versions, so the world generates differently. It "may" even be possible between A18.1 .2 .3 .4 depending on any changes. I highly suggest using the following naming convention so this doesn't happen. A18P4B4RWG01 I then use that as the Game Name AND the World Generation Seed. Cleaning out old maps regularly helps too. Schwanz9000
  9. Please upload your output log to pastbin. Instructions here. Schwanz9000
  10. A18.4 Stable is out now and has a potential fix of this very issue. Schwanz9000
  11. This is a known issue that will be addressed at a later date. Thanks! Schwanz9000
  12. Yes, the issue I'm referring to would help with FPS and stuttering in game in relation to workstations. Horde night performance still needs some work. We'll just have to wait for the devs to address it. There isn't a schedule for updates, but we've been very active in getting patches out recently. Schwanz9000
  13. This is a known issue with the electric fences. This has been fixed in A18.4. I would HIGHLY recommend removing them in A18.3 as they cause another error that could corrupt your game. Schwanz9000
  14. Thanks for the kind words. The developers are working on the game everyday. In fact, our A18.4 B4 experimental release came out this week. The issue you are seeing "may" be a bug with the forge that has been addressed in A18.4. Schwanz9000
  15. You have to opt into the beta version. Right click on 7 Days in your library. Properties. Betas tab. Choose Latest experimental from the drop down.
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