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  1. This was a bug with how the deco was being saved in world files. This has been fixed in A19. Schwanz9000
  2. Already reported internally. Schwanz9000
  3. Sorry for your loss. Never fun to put that much work and time into something and see it fail like that. Will try to reproduce this if possible. May be a super specific edge case. Totally guessing here, but I have a theory: The part that sticks out "might" be right on the line of a chunk. As you were flying back in, the chunk that contains the ledge ONLY loaded in first. The game then had a hang up in executing some other code, came back to the SI calculation, and then started an unfortunate chain reaction since the rest of the structure wasn't loaded in yet. It would be interesting to take a look at your save file if you could upload it somewhere. You can PM me a link and I'll take a look. Schwanz9000
  4. Could you upload a Speccy report and post it on pastebin? Instructions in the Read Me post. Thanks! Schwanz9000
  5. Just to note: The lighting system has had many changes moving forward in A19. Until then, please upload your output log to pastbin so I can see what may be going on. Instructions here. Schwanz9000
  6. You cannot be in game. Occlusion can only be changed from the main menu. Do these settings help? Schwanz9000
  7. This should be fixed in a future update. Schwanz9000
  8. Not much we can do about this. Every 1 meter block takes up the space of 1 meter regardless of its rotation. Schwanz9000
  9. You need to make sure you are playing with Occlusion AND Texture Streaming turned ON. Schwanz9000 GamePref.OptionsGfxOcclusion = False GamePref.OptionsStreamingMipmapsEnabled = False
  10. This is a non issue that shouldn't be a reason you cannot play. Please start a new thread and post your issues and output logs there. Schwanz9000
  11. Are you zoomed in or looking down the sights of a weapon? Holding a weapon? Are you using any mods? Schwanz9000
  12. This has been fixed for a future update. Schwanz9000
  13. Have you tried the new 20.2.2 drivers that came out a few weeks ago? It had a fix for the flickering as well as some stability stuff. Schwanz9000
  14. No. We don't build the 32 bit version anymore. Schwanz9000
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