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  • Trader Bob - Stuck in Roof Space

    • Version: Alpha 21 (B313)

    In the new Trader Bob compound, you can take the ladder to the roof for more looting. If you look under the stairs, there is a gap in the roof that I thought was the secret way to get behind Bob to do additional looting.
    But it seems that it is blocked with an invisible barrier. You can walk around like there is attic space and see the floor below you, but you can't get down. Once inside, the hole you fell in disappears and you are stuck inside the roof. Had to DM-Teleport out.
    I attached a screenshot of what it looks like looking down from where I was stuck.

    Here is a link to a short video showing what happens: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LFt7lZ4bQL6JHeVWm9oh8IO4ZxVJ2d6h/view?usp=sharing


    Alpha 21 (B313)

    Windows 10

    RWG world

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    With some forced crouch jump spamming, I was able to get out. Agreed that it should be patched up though.

    Invisible "wall volumes" are used in traders now to prevent players from jumping the counters and looting stuff behind them.

    Confirmed and reported. Thanks @Capp00!!!

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