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  • clear quest zombies dont spawn



    Game Version: A20

    Platform: Steam

    OS/Version: Linux 5.16

    CPU Model: Threadripper 1950x

    System Memory:64GB

    GPU Model and VRAM: AMD Navi10 8GB

    Screen Resolution: 1920x1080*2

    Video Settings: custom, irrelevant

    Game mode: survival, multiplayer. 



    Did you validate your files? yes

    Are you using any mods? no

    EAC off


    during a clear quest, sometimes zombies just wont spawn. if i go to the organge dots, make as much noise a possible, go through every room in the building 10 times, still no zombies spawn. this makes the quest impossible to complete. my suggested fix is to spawn the zombies when the player touches the orange dots and/or fires a weapon while standing inside of it. 


    steps to reproduce: try to do a tear 5 clear zombies quest. 

    expected behavior: zombies will spawn so the player can kill them and complete the quest:

    actual behavior: some zombies spawn, and after searching every room in the building for the 5th time, orange dots appear in the compass, going to the orange dots does nothing and there is no way to interact with them, there is no zombies in the building, but the quest still claims the player must clear more zombies. more zombies never spawn in this building. completing the quest is impossible.  

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    Please provide the rest of the information requested per this post.

    I've been doing some testing related to quests, and have not seen this yet, so any information you can provide would be helpful. Thank you!


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    CORRECTION: we have some XML mods that simply change all the crafting timers to instant. 


    pastebin wouldnt allow me to upload my server log. so here's a github gist: https://gist.github.com/mathew2214/26815a375d87bfabc8c2153b6f7941c1


    i chose yesterdays log as thats the most recent time the bug was encountered. 


    here is the map_info.xml https://pastebin.com/Rnbjz0XL

    the generationinfo file doesnt exist in the world's folder. 


    all buff/debuffs work flawlessly. 


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    Part of my test plan for today involves T5 quests, so this is on my radar, but if I can't reproduce this in vanilla, it's not likely to go anywhere.

    So feel free to also attempt to recreate this in an un-modded game.

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    On 2/7/2022 at 10:10 PM, mathew2214 said:

    just encountered it again. only seems to happen when there is more than 1 player doing lv5 clear quests. 

    Doing the *same* T5 quest, or two different players doing two separate T5 quests?

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    Moving to WIP, things related to this are up for discussion (max zombie counts, getting zombies to spawn for quests if the limit has been reached, etc.); large topic though, performance reasons and other factors need to be considered. If you hit a POI where there's an error in how it's setup that's a difference case though.

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