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  • Placing does not remove item from inventory




    Doing starter quests, all blocks placed (bedroll, frames, seeds from chopped trees)  all place, but remain in inventory.  

    i.e. I place bedroll, and still have one in inventory.

    can drag and drop and GUI drop items as normal from inventory, but any items placed remain in inventory.

    Cheats are on.

    Have exited and continued game.

    Have exited game and had Steam verify local files.

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    I'm having the same issue. It happens regardless if CM is on or off for me.  I crafted one frame block and can place way more than one, campfires as well.  I can also pick up the frame blocks and they add to my inventory count.

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    Yeah you guys are right.  Cheat menu has to be turned off from the main screen.  Had to exit and change it, didn't work turning it off in game.  Issue solved.  Thanks.

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