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  • Particle System is trying to spawn on a mesh with zero surface area


    Summary: My log shows a lot of these message spamming when massive zombies spawn (i.e., screamer and bloodmoon), 1 or 2 lines of

    Mesh Zombie_Female_Hair_01 requires Read/Write Enabled to be set in the importer to work on the particle system shape module

     followed by tons of 

    Particle System is trying to spawn on a mesh with zero surface area

    Players suffer heavy frame drop at the same time, not sure if they are relevant.


    Game Version: A20b2, latest build

    Platform: PC

    OS/Version: Windows 11 (22000.526)

    CPU Model: Intel i5 8500

    System Memory: 16 GB

    GPU Model and VRAM: nVidia GTX 1060 6 GB

    Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

    Video Settings: Very low

    Game mode: MP host, NAV


    Did you wipe old saves? Yes

    Did you start a new game? Yes

    Did you validate your files? Yes

    Are you using any mods? Yes, there are 2 mods which add custom zombies: 1)The Wasteland;  2)Robeloto Custom Zombies

    EAC on or off? off


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: Same as summary.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

      Spawn a screamer Or set time to bloodmoon?


    Output log:


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