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  • No reference to groupRareAutomotive


    So, I have been looking for wheels or acid to start on my minibike and I spent a couple in game days yet found none, so I went looking through the XMLs.

    I found the car loot nor any other loot.. table? references groupRareAutomotive, which encompasses Engine, Wheels, Battery, and Gas cans. Meaning these items are not lootable by searching a vehicle. I wasn't sure if this was a mistake but thought it worth mentioning.



    <!-- *** Car_Loot -->
    <lootgroup name="groupCars01">
        <item group="groupJunkNoBMats" loot_prob_template="high"/>
        <item group="groupAutomotive" loot_prob_template="low"/>

    <lootgroup name="groupCars02">
        <item group="groupToolsT0" loot_prob_template="ProbT0"/>
        <item group="groupToolsTiered" loot_prob_template="medLow"/>
        <item group="groupWeaponsMeleeScaled" loot_prob_template="veryLow"/>

    <lootgroup name="groupCars03">
        <item group="groupAmmoSmall" loot_prob_template="veryLow"/>
        <item group="groupWeaponsRangedScaled" loot_prob_template="veryLow"/>



    <!-- *** Automotive_Resources_Rare -->
    <lootgroup name="groupRareAutomotive">
        <item name="smallEngine"/>
        <item name="vehicleWheels"/>
        <item name="carBattery"/>
        <item name="ammoGasCan" count="20,200"/>

    I removed the game completely before installing the experimental A20 build.

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    <!-- *** Automotive_Resources -->
    <lootgroup name="groupAutomotive">
        <item group="groupCraftingUncommon"/>
        <item group="groupScrapRare"/>
        <item group="groupCarWeaponsTools"/>
        <item group="groupAutomotive"/>


    groupAutomotive is mentioned twice in this section

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    Absolutely NO idea how this happened but I decided to check the same XML in my Save folder and it has groupRareAutomotive under groupAutomotive, replacing the last line which was mentioned twice. The game folder shows the same. I also checked like 20 cars before first looking into the XML files and I found no Wheels, Batteries, Small Engine, Gas. SO weird.

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