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  • My game bugs at the "Creating player" screen. Please help

    Mike The Great

    Hello, i am a long time fun of your game and i recently stumbled upon a bug that will not let me play the game anymore. When i try to start a new game or load a save the game gets stuck on the "creating player" screen and immediately shows red text (as shown in the picture).


    I have tried to solve this problem on my own but nothing seems to work.

    1) I deleted and re-downloaded the game.

    2) I deleted all of my saves and tried to start new game.

    3) I waited on the "red screen" to see if it needed time to load or something but it did nothing.

    4) I have tried to install 20.3 update instead of the 20.4 that seemed to be the problem but I face the same issue.

    5) I have also tried to join a friend's server but it did the same think.


    Also when i try to create a new player profile it will show the red screen again and when i try to exit the settings it will freeze the game forcing me to shut the game down from task manager.


    What can i do to solve this problem?


    Thank you in advance


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    It looks like you have some corrupted data,  and there is a need to clean it up.

    Be careful,  because doing this will delete all your save data as well.

    Backup any games you wish to save from Appdata and put them somewhere else, like on your desktop. 


    After backing up any important save games 

    1. Navigate to your main game installation folder
    2. Open the launcher executable
    3. Click Tools, Clean game data, make sure ALL of the boxes are checked as in this picture:unknown.png


    Here is a video if you prefer a visual walkthrough (it does cover a bit more).


    After that, verify the file integrity TWICE through Steam to ensure it catches any invalid files (sometimes it doesn't do it right on the first try). Three times to be sure.

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