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  • Cannot interact with containers after attempting to loot Fast Food Booth Middle Black after A20.1 B6 patch


    Summary: Munitions boxes inside traders have been replaced with "Fast Food Booth Middle Black" object.  I attempted to loot this item as it was "Untouched". Attempting to loot the item changed the status to (Empty) and then removed all status in the item name.  I am unable to interact with other containers now, both player made or game generated. This includes storage boxes, forges/workbenches, safes, randomly generated objects like trash, etc. I can still use my vehicles, open and close doors and access UI and inventory.


    Game is being played on a locally hosted server on a 2nd machine. Friend playing is not experiencing this issue but has refrained from looting this new object. I have exited the server and rejoined - issue persists. I have exited the game and relaunched - issue persists.  I have exited the game and had Steam validate local files, nothing updated - issue persists.


    Game Version: A20.1 (b6)

    Platform: PC

    OS/Version: Windows 10 20H2

    CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3.60 Ghz

    System Memory: 32 GB

    GPU Model and VRAM: Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060

    Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 60hz

    Video Settings: (Low / Medium / High / Ultra / Custom (Custom has many combinations, so just list the settings you think are relevant to the bug if any))

    Game mode: Client on Dedicated RWG server


    Did you wipe old saves? No

    Did you start a new game? No

    Did you validate your files? Yes

    Are you using any mods? No

    EAC on or off? EAC On


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: Cannot interact with containers


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


    1) Loot (Untouched) Fast Food Booth Middle Black (inside trader base)

    2) Attempt to loot (untouched) containers / trash, etc

    3) Attempt to access player made storage (forge, safe, furniture - storage box)


    Actual result: No interaction, unable to open or access box or workstations, or loot


    Expected result: Access player storage and workstations, loot containers and boxes.

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    I can still add this if  needed.


    To update though - rebooting my dedicated server cleared the issue.  However, this issue has occurred in the same manner as described above for myself and other players on the dedicated server, but was able to be cleared by exiting the client and restarting the game - no server restart needed.

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    thank you so much for posting this bug... our server is also having munitions boxes that change into "Fast Food Booth Middle Black", so far at the army barracks and the trader Hugh locations. All we have been doing so far is resetting the prefabs when this happens. I am thankful for this bug report because it tells me we are not alone in this!

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