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    I have been self tasked with updating the 7dtd wiki for possible loot one would receive from a loot container and have found what appears to be a bug. I wanted to ask if someone could confirm that as true/false before I make a bug report.

    Per blocks.xml, cntWallSafe(locked) has a lootlist defined as gunSafe, while it's "downgraded" or unlocked version(cntWallSafeInsecure) has a lootlist defined as smallSafes. This of course is mirrored to the desk safe, as is indicated per "Extends" under cntDeskSafe.

    On the other hand, cntGunSafe has the same lootlist, both Locked and unlocked, which of course is gunSafe.

    Now I was told that this could be due to opening the safe with explosives or a tool however, DowngradeBlock states that by using a lockpick the locked safes will turn into their Insecure versions, so I would say no?

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