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  • Every time I logout world saves but character is reset, windows(Alpha 20 SP)


    This started occurring in b237 or b238 experimental ( not sure as they were really close on release times ), but still occurs in a20 b238 stable

    Sometimes when I relaunch the game, the character gets reset, but the world is the same.  Example: My character starts with the tutorial with no gear or experience, but my previous tutorial stuff is all present.

    When I restart games I sometimes will be online, and sometimes I will for offline.  This may be the cause, but prior to b237 I had not noticed any adverse effects.

    Highly repeatable.  I haven't noticed that this happens when I run online only.  So far it only seems to occur when I create a game online, then I restart the game offline


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    Sorry for not being clear. 
    I mean I create a game while in STEAM and online.  I quit for a bit. I later come back to the game while STEAM is offline, and play.
    It seems like everytime that I follow those steps, the game character resets, but the world does not.

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    Ticket 15974


    Sorry, this wasn't on the KI list (adding it now). For now - in single player - I would just start steam in offline mode if you're having internet issues or just plan on hopping between online/offline for the moment until it is fixed. 

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