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  • Drone only allows one storage mod


    After building level 5 junk drone, I placed armor mod and storage mod on it, when attempting to add another storage mod, it doesn't work with shift+click or drag and drop, I get the 'denied' sound notification.


    Windows 10

    i7 12th Gen


    32 GB RAM


    No mods, EAC on, RWG 10Kx10K map.

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    The actual description of the mod says that you can add multiples and I have seen multiple streamers (and the devs) with multiple storage mods added to the junk drone.

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    After 2 PC restarts and verification of game files, reload, reload of 7D2D, drone mods are now working as expected and I was able to add the additional storage to the junk drone. Cannot now duplicate this bug.

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    You are right, it does say add more for additional storage. I have just tried to add a second cargo mod to my drone and it will not let me. so i guess i will try what you have and see if that changes.

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    ok after playing with this some more i have got it to work. for me i use a controller and if you hover over the cargo mod and pick it up and try to place it into the mod slot it will not allow it if there is already a cargo mod installed but if i hover over the cargo mod and push down on the right joystick (R3) it will add the extra cargo mods to the drone. You can add all 4 to a level 6 drone.


    @Jedi8046 I apologize for my first comment, I was wrong and assumed that mods were not stackable for the drone as they are not for anything else in the game. I have wished that i could add more storage to the drone and had no clue you could do this, so thanks i learned a new trick today lol.

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