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  • Buffs from Item Modifiers can fall off

    Bladestorm Games

    Hello, while messing with a mod project, I noticed an issue that effects the core game, where Buffs granted by Item Modifier can fall off or return back.


    Using the Bandolier Item Modifier because it grants the buff "buffBandolierChest" (or "buffBandolierLegs if on Leg Armor).


    If an Item/Armor has 2+ Slots, you can make the Bandolier Buff (or a Buff from Item Modifier) Fall of and Return.


    1) Equip your Body Armor (2+ Mod Slots)

    2) While Body Armor is Equipped, click the Body Armor, and Click "Modify".

    3) Place the Bandolier modifier on the item.

    4) Place a 2nd modifier onto the item (Armor Plating)

    5) After placing the 2nd modifier onto the item, the Bandolier Buff (or a Buff granted from a Item Modifier) will fall off, may need to give the Bandolier mod a HUD Icon to visually see this.


    Here is a video demonstration:




    If you were to Modify the Body Armor while its NOT equipped, and then equip it after applying all mods, you will correctly gain all buffs granted from Item Modifiers.

    Here is a video showcasing that:


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    Thank you for reporting.

    This issue should be fixed in a future version of the game.  I was able to confirm it fixed in the current dev build.

    I will move this over to the "confirmed" section because I was able to reproduce the issue in A20.6 b9.

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